Even if you’re not a particular animal lover, please be sure to check out the first video about sloths for the narrator’s dry wit. I”m sure you won’t regret it.  The other videos also made me laugh: the bear, the kitten and the hiccupping baby bat.  Favorite image or video?


By Stephen Oachs vis National Geographic

Fox by Roeselien Raimond via National Geographic

By manzaralar


By manzaralar

From National Geographic

Via National Geographic

National Geographic

The balance between predators and prey

Via National Geographic

By Adrián González Guillén

Via National Geographic

Via National Geographic

South Georgia penquins by Ondrej Zaruba via National Geographic


By Mehmet Karaca via National Geographic

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Thanks to Louise, Susan B, Kathleen, Karen

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4 thoughts on “Animal Images: Amusing, Exquisite and Aww, 4

  1. This is a great post. And you’re absolutely right about the sloth video. My stomach still hurts from laughing so hard, and I’m smiling just thinking about it. Thank you!!

  2. Dusky – you’ve done it yet again! Spectacular photos. Its such a an uplifting joy to see photos like this. Thank you!

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