Time for another animal post.  It’s been awhile and so far at least, there is no shortage of candidates for wonderful animal images.

animalsanimals, 4animals, 5animals, 2animals, 7animals, elephant and babeanimals, horsesanimals, 15animals, bird landinganimals, sleep 3

White Dragon King Crown Betta

White Dragon King Crown Betta

fennec, large

Fennec foxes can be found purring like a cat when they are content.

animals, polar divinganimals, 10

Via National Geographic

Via National Geographic

By Pam Chambers

By Pam Chambers

animals, alaskan flat tireanimals, 13animals, giraffesanimals, jumpinganimals, catanimals, 14animals, noseporkipine


exqui image, crowsexqui image, stingrays


animals, lizard

By Ray Lagstein

By Ray Lagstein

exqui image, 5

red panda

By Y. Yamazaki

animals, 9animals, 8animals, 1animals, 3animals, 6 mo. old chimpsloths-cuddling-between-blankets-biganimals, 12

animals, sleepingskunkr-CATS-IN-BOXES-large570

animals, squirrelanimals, pumpkinanimals, on fenceanimals, many squirrelsanimals, sleep 4animals, black

animals, 11If you are up for more animal images and haven’t seen the other ones on this site:

Go to Animals 5,or # 4, or #3, or #2, or #1

 Thanks to Louise



7 thoughts on “Animals, Exquisite, Amusing and Aww, 6

  1. Always these amazing animal shots tug at my heart. How wonderful the animal kingdom is. thanks Dusky for bringing them to us to that we can watch and look in amazement.

  2. So incredible. To catch many of the animals in this post is simply incredible and delightful.

  3. Those photos were just beautiful …… i loved them……….guess the photographers were at the right place at the right time……thank you

  4. THANK you SO MUCH to all the PHOTOGRAPHERS!!! Absolutely some FANTASTIC CAPTURES. Lots of patience, to wait to get that PERFECT SHOT. So entertaining! !

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