Even though you know they are gorgeous, and even though you’re already aware of the vast variety of these magical creatures, I bet at least one or two of these butterflies and moths surprise you with a moment of awe–or move you by their cumulative effect.  There are many of them because I couldn’t stop myself or choose.  Also, I couldn’t resist including a dragonfly and wasp.  They seemed to fit right in.  Anyway, enjoy.

Queen Alexandra’s Birdwings

Goliath Birdwing

African Mocker Swallowtail

Brahmin Moth


Common Rose butterfly

Fluffy tit butterfly by loke pf

Garden Tiger Moth

Luna moth

Great Mormon butterfly by Anthony Wong

Clouded Apollo butterfly by Clive Burrows

European Peacock Butterfly by Claude@Munich

Madagascan Sunset moth

Pipe Vine Swallowtail butterfly

The Comet moth

Great Mormon butterfly

Yet another Great Mormon

Rice Paper butterfly

Paulogramma Pyracmon

Spicebush Swallowtail

Red Dragonfly

Scarlet Tiger moth

Papillo Cresphontes


Elephant Hawk moth


The Cecropia moth

Scarlet Tiger moth

Emerald moth

Cinnabar moth

Marpesia iole from Costa Rica

pink moth

World’s largest butterfly, Queen Alexandra’s birdwing from Papua New Guinea


Peacock katydid

Scarlet body wasp moth by boondockphotography


Moth wing close up by Charles Krebs

Malachite butterfly

By Papillio Ulysess

Thanks to:  Candace Bingham at pinterest,

Butterflycircle at blogspot  and

OurWorldsView at facebook



7 thoughts on “Butterflies: Even though…

  1. It is a great collection of photographs of some of the most beautiful ,colorful butterflies and moths.The glass one i had never seen. The trunk of the tree covered with blue butterflies and the with monarch are great. Each one is a piece of art.

    It once again proves the “GOD” a greatest artist.

  2. Ah, Dusky, Such beauteous sights. I have about 30 butterflies hanging above my bed to lift away my cares and woes as I sleep. Thanks, again, lady. Be well.

  3. OMG how can anyone get tired of seeing the vast variety of butterflies! Some of them didn’t even look real. One was so iridescent that I thought it was a delicate hand blown figurine!

    Thanks again for sharing, Dusky!

  4. Thank you for taking the time to prove only God can create such beauty and design!

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