First some sweet and amusing images, then cross-species twins.  You’ll also notice   many images of tiny human interactions with dogs.


By Brian Day

By Brian Day

mixed-sp-georgemixed-spmixed-species-via-anita-2mixed-species-via-john-2mixed-species-john-4mixed-species-john-3mixed-species-john-2mixed-species-georgemixed-species-via-sammixed-species-perfect-timing-via-geomixed-species-via-wimmixed-species-via-anitaTwins from Other Mothers


Be careful.

Be careful.

You too.

You too.




mixed-sp-via-jen-h-2mixed-species-anitamixed-species-gif-ginnymixed-species-9-2mixed-sp-6mixed-sp-4mixed-spec-anitaaa-lizard-gif-cheezburgermixed-species-via-anitamixed-species-via-johnmixed-species-6mixed-species-15mixed-sp-2mixed-sp-geo-2mixed-species-with-copsmixed-species-lawmixed-species-via-sam-2Thanks to: George, Anita, John, Sam, Wim, Lawrence, Merry, Ginny, Jen

and to:  Flickr finds on This is Colossal.

31 thoughts on “Mixed Species, 12

  1. I had a feeling all the way through: I want this to never end. So I am going back to see it again and then share it.

  2. These set an example for humans of mixed races to get along & accept our differences……Yes?

  3. You know, I have been around for a long time and sometimes it seems like so many folks have forgotten what its like to experience life’s sweet. innocent moments. Thanks to you, for reminding us!

  4. This, as always, made my day! Such awesome pictures. Am always glad to see Dusky’s in my e-mail. Please keep it up!

  5. It’s great to see that at least these subjects are getting along, not like us humans!

  6. Barbara A Reid
    Beautiful stuff: pictures and thoughts. Happy sanity !!!
    Hopefully some of my pinning pals will forward. Thank you

  7. I want one of each of these wonderful friends.
    DuskyWonders are always inspirational.
    Thank You !

  8. A global collection of (very) beautiful photos and pictures, made by many people and put on the Internet in good faith. Many others have forwarded them to brighten up our days.It is obvious that these products may not be traded.

    Best regards from Wim (The Netherlands / Europe)

  9. What wonderful, beautiful pictures. There is so much to be learned from animals…

  10. Always a joy to receive these…and to forward them…many thanks to Dusky and her creative, loving soul…love makes the world go round…

  11. i think ,looking at these superb photographs, men and animals are developing a love bond !

  12. Dusky, it’s no wonder you are in the type of business you are in. These are ALL beautiful, compassionate messages !

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