Fortunately, the unusual pairing of species seems endless.  This group has quite a few animal-human connections. Don’t miss the videos at the end, especially the last one, if you haven’t already seen it.  Enjoy.

What are each of them thinking?

Camel pulling boat by Merry Selk


Thanks to Neil via Dean via Lucas, Merry, Tim, Louise

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9 thoughts on “Mixed Species, 5

  1. Wow! These pix are so cute. And the videos too – I especially love the one with the dolphins playing with the kitten – so sweet.
    Thanks, Dusky.

  2. Photographs as always are great.
    Different species connect as each is, may be able to read and interpret the friendly vibes from one another. Each and everything in the world emits vibrations.
    They connect because , i think they understand from the vibes that there is no danger,but only love.
    Is it Telepathy?

    Hope one day human being be able to understand the animal language and the world be one harmonious place.

    A little child reading a book in the lap of elephant and an elephant trying to help helpless kitten from the water touched me.

  3. Dusky—-these are splendid and priceless! Is the world divided into people who love animals and those who don’t? Who knows—but I could look at these for a long time, and never get bored. The videos are especially wonderful—the one with the man and the goose was my favorite, I think. Thank you once again! Best, Lorie

  4. Oh, these are all great! I especially love the man and goose video, and the “duck-hat” !

  5. Just wonderful, heart-warming and inspiring. Would that we humans could bridge gaps like this all the time.

  6. i usually do not forward messages but I have this one because anyone can appreciate it. Thank you!!!!!!!!

  7. An amazing collection of GOD’s creation which leaves no doubt about HIS presence everywhere. I appreciate the efforts made by you and others in such a wonderful collections. I enjoyed all this alongside my family members. Thanks a lot.

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