By Lisa Vanderhoop, Annial Wildlife Photography Awards

When you finally find some quiet time to mull about your life… And start feeling hungry.

Stuck In’ By Ashleigh Scully, USA, 11–14 Years Old Winner London contest

What Norwegian Police carry.

Biker gang terrorizes local residents

Safety first

The Reason Water Wasn’t Coming Out

Winter, When The Leaves Have Fallen And The Trees Are Bear

Quokkas Are The Face Of Happiness

By Yevhen Samucenko

Photo bombed by your horse.

By Tasmanian farmer Charlie Mackinnon

Ooops, caught…

From Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards by Jakob Strecker

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

By Kallol Mukherjee Rhinopeocock, Wildlife Comedy Awards

by Michael Lane, Comedy awards

Robert Adamson, Comedy Awards

Comedy Awards

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Thanks to: Jen C, Jen H., Jill, Anita, George, This is Colossal, Babamail, and Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards.

8 thoughts on “More Amusing Animal Images

  1. You never disappoint. Can always count on you and the submissions from others to put a smile in my heart. Thank you…

  2. Gracias a compartir estas magníficas y divertidas fotos. Fruto de la paciencia y del momento oportuno.

  3. Dusky, you’re the best!!! This is a time when we all need some good amazement. My amazement lately has seriously bordered on bewilderment. So thanks for taking me back to a good place.

  4. What joy humor brings to our new-normal world and your photos exude joy………..and giggles. Thank you.

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