I wouldn’t believe this video was real if it weren’t presented by  respected writer and narrator of BBC’s “Life” and “Planet” series, David Attenborough. The male lyre bird’s remarkable mimicry repertoire goes far beyond imitating over 40 different song birds.

The lyrebird’s syrinx (the bird equivalent to the human larnyx) is the most complexly-muscled of the songbirds, allowing its extraordinary, unmatched vocal repertoire.

This bird of paradise performs an amusing dance to attract its mate.

The Manequin bird does a little moon walking to show off to a potential female mate.

Albino peacocks prefer having the male wear the wedding dress.


10 thoughts on “Peculiar Bird Mating Rituals

  1. WoW! That is some Lyre bird! And I’ve never seen an albino peacock! Saw the others on the Nature channel.


  2. The peacocks aren’t albino. they don’t have red eyes. They are a variation of colour and are quite common. So they are just white peacocks.

  3. Thanks for the info. Albino or not, they sure are beautiful. Guess they belong in an “exquisite animal images” post. 🙂

  4. Most remarkable, words cannot describe these amazing creatures. Just imagine, this is what the rest of the world was lke before people started to mess it up. Thanks Dusky

  5. This peacock is not albino peacock. It is a different species of peacock. Because it has blue eye rather than pink or red. This species existed in India many years ago. But now its on the edge of extinction. But still you can find them in some zoo in India.

  6. You do not have to go to India to see a white peacock. On an all day Harley ride from TEXAS to Oklahoma (June 2014), we saw 3 peacocks on the side of the road, 2 were beatifully colored like most are, but one was solid white. All are gorgeous animals.

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