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I’m so glad to share with you some discoveries about our planet, its inhabitants and the universe that I have found to be awesome, funny, or just plain weird. The good news, supported by recent advances in brain science, is that spending time feeling appreciation or amusement is good for us. The more we purposely tune into moments of positive experience, the easier it becomes to notice them because we have literally made changes in our brain circuitry.

This website is my way to immerse my brain in wondrous things. I’m hoping you will also find something here to savor and enjoy.


Featured Wonder: Reflections in Raindrops

June 10th, 2010

These stunning images are by “Licht~~~~’s photostream” on flickr.   The wonder of these photos is in both the artistry of the photographer and in the magic of refracted light on raindrops.

None of these images are photoshopped, including the last one.

Click on an image to visit his site.

The following image is taken from a tiny dot on the edge of a leaf on this tulip.


Are you exercising the muscle of wonder?  Is this synapse firing in your head every single day?  Some say we have lost our power to be awed.  We are too jaded, too soaked in info overload to be able to pick out the gems and say, “Would you look at that, and doesn’t it put everything in a fresh perspective, just for a minute?”

I say we are never too far gone.  It is merely a switch inside, a reactivation of that portion in the human soul that, when slapped awake and re-energized, will suddenly remember how easy it is to be continuously, calmly, deliriously amazed.

By Mark Morford, San Francisco Chronicle, March 17, 2006

2 thoughts on “About Dusky and the site

  1. I wanted you to know. Your pics. are definitatly WONDERS !
    The pic. of the yellow ladybugs, when I saw it, I almost wept with joy.
    I was so moved…..thank you.

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