Or am I?

I’ve been collecting these images for months not quite knowing what to do with them.  Every time I come across another one, I don’t see beautiful nature or glorious view–all I can think of is “Are these people crazy or am I?”  I know I feel if I get within 6 feet of a cliff I will fall over and slip off the edge (falling over is not something I worry about much standing in my living room)  I shift between staring at them in amazement and shuddering with dread at the idea of anyone being where these people have decided to go–at huge effort.

My Dad used to say my Mom was so afraid of heights she got dizzy standing on the Sunday newspaper.  So what do you think?  Are you afraid of heights too?  Do you mind looking at people who aren’t?

6300 feet above Alaska

South Africa

Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon Iceland

This seems to be a popular place to go and have your picture taken–if you’re crazy.

Kjeragbolten, Norway–via bike!

Crazy sheep?

The Krubera Cave, the deepest known cave on Earth. Arabik Massi W. Caucasus, Georgia 

Trolltunga, Norway

Transparent Balcony on 103 Floor Skyscraper, the Sears Tower in Chicago.

Photographer, Tim Kemple, climber Alex Honnold

Matheran, India

Grignone, Bergamo Alps, Italy

Yosemite, California

A crane dismantling the Deutsche Bank which was damaged because it was too close to the Twin Towers in New York. Photo by John Fraissinet

Building a foot path, Shifou Mt., Hunan Province, China


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John Fraissinet at www.StreetObservations.com

Amazing things in the world from facebook


14 thoughts on “Are They Crazy?

  1. OMG, I was getting the adrenaline in my tail bone just looking at these. I’m getting to be such a chicken. I couldn’t look over the edge at Stratosphere in Las Vegas either! Thanks D, I think they are a bit of the crazy too.

  2. I would not want to be where these climbers are. i however do not call them crazy. They are the people who have overcome their fear. there is sweet victory after the fear being overcome. The Construction workers sitting care free on a Girder 1000 feet above ground level are there as no body else would do the work. every climber knows the risk he takes. I salute the climbers who went where others dare not. Neil Armstrong included.

  3. OMG just LOOKING at those pictures FREAKS me out. But when it comes to heights I’m a bit of a wimp anyway. However, I rather admire the people who can do that (as long as they’re enjoying it, and not just doing it to show off or something).

  4. Like so many others all I can say is OMG. Many of the sights are beautiful, but I can’t imagine in ANY way climbing most of these sites…

  5. OMG!- this is UNBELIEVABLE…and ya gotta wonder how these photos were taken! WOW…the Photographers may be “crazy” too!?

  6. The pictures are amazing but I cant imagine those peoples dare to climb up there, I admire them. Thnks to the photographer for sharing these photos.

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