Artist Queenie Liao combines imagination and photography to create a unique helping of Aww… Using only common household materials like plain cloths and stuffed animals, she designs a whimsical world for her sweet slumbering baby, Wengenn, and for us.

creative-baby-photography-queenie-liao-1creative-baby-photography-queenie-liao-2creative-baby-photography-queenie-liao-5creative-baby-photography-queenie-liao-4creative-baby-photography-queenie-liao-6creative-baby-photography-queenie-liao-7creative-baby-photography-queenie-liao-9creative-baby-photography-queenie-liao-10 creative-baby-photography-queenie-liao-8creative-baby-photography-queenie-liao-11creative-baby-photography-queenie-liao-12creative-baby-photography-queenie-liao-13creative-baby-photography-queenie-liao-14creative-baby-photography-queenie-liao-15creative-baby-photography-queenie-liao-16creative-baby-photography-queenie-liao-17creative-baby-photography-queenie-liao-18creative-baby-photography-queenie-liao-19creative-baby-photography-queenie-liao-20creative-baby-photography-queenie-liao-21creative-baby-photography-queenie-liao-22creative-baby-photography-queenie-liao-24creative-baby-photography-queenie-liao-25creative-baby-photography-queenie-liao-23To visit the website of Sioin Queenie Liao, go here where she offers a book of her photographs, “Wengenn in Wonderland.”

Thanks to Rose via Will via  Bored Panda.

4 thoughts on “Baby Dreams

  1. This is just incredible! So many people I know will love seeing these works of art—I am a midwife, so you know many lovers of babies will be getting this! And my quilt-maker friends will love seeing the beautiful art. Thanks again, Dusky—you always come through!

  2. I’ve been receiving your beautiful photography & artistry via email for years! I look forward to seeing them as I’m always in awe by the art!

    I recently changed my email address to the one above. Can you please send me a link where I can change my address or sign in? I would be grateful & thank you in advance!
    Best, Lisa

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