Who knew there were luscious rainforests in Marysville, Australia?  And that a sculptor named Bruno Torfs has lovingly hand crafted a collection of unforgettable characters from clay and fired them onsite in his kiln–then placed them in his garden, creating a fanciful, magical world and probably forcing you and I to put Australia on our bucket lists–if it wasn’t already there.

On the 7th of February, 2011, bushfires swept through Marysville, including Bruno’s sculpture garden. Through the support of family, friends, acquaintances and strangers from all around the world, Bruno and his family were inspired to rebuild their beloved home and garden. Helped by friends and volunteers, the process of rebuilding the garden took two months.

Here’s a video about the fire, the rebuilding of sculptures and re-emergence of life in the garden, from his website and book.

Thanks to Kathleen for forwarding images from Bruno’s garden.

8 thoughts on “Bruno Torfs’ Art Garden

  1. Bruno Torfs. I enjoyed viewing each and every sculpture so well artistically crafted and that in clay and firing them on site requires great effort. One can fire small pieces ,but to fire almost full size on site is great. Each piece is master piece.

    I salute his tenacity, courage ,determination to rebuilt the garden and also to people who also extended their helping hand to recreate the garden. People of Marysville are fortunate to have a beautiful garden near them and artist Bruno amongst it’s citizen

  2. I’m virtually speechless. The images were so lovely and Bruno, so talented, was very fortunate to have so many friends to help him rebuild. My favorite image before the fire was the man with the umbrella and a dog peeking out of his coat.

  3. WOW! I AM SOOOO IMPRESSED! WHAT I WOULD DO TO MEET THIS ARTICULATE AND SPECIAL MAN! I Enjoy messin around with rustic abstract art up here in Alaska! I've created some interesting little animal creatures and one big motherlode piece I call a Heart on a Li on said:

    This is awesome!

  4. I ‘ am still under the charm of all his sculptures visited with Australian
    friends from Gembrook. I bought at the time his first video taken before
    the fires. I’ve sent a mail to him and Marleen but I’m trying to get
    His e-mail address. I wish him and his dear family the best of luck for
    Their future, their happiness and wonderful art.

  5. Truly magical and spiritual art which connects deeply with the magic and spirituality of people in their natural environment. Thank you for doing this xxx

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