Can you see the people in these flowers?

It’s ALL people.  There is nothing in these images by artist Cecelia Webber  except people.

Here’s a close up photo:

of this:

The artist says: “I began creating my compositions after noticing that a photo I had taken of my back looked like a petal. From there, I became fascinated by the practice of trying to create organic imagery with greater and greater accuracy.”

The process involves significant sketching and planning to envision the poses required for the final image.  The digital images of flowers and plants shown here often require up to 700 layered variations which are then colored to achieve her desired design.

She seems to have a band aid on her second toe in the above right pic.

She also does  birds:

And butterflies:

Thanks to Jill for turning me on to this amazing artist, Cecelia Webber.

7 thoughts on “Flower People

  1. Use of human body in composition of flowers, peacock and butterflies creatively done is at it’s best. The artist’s perception of human body in relation to parts of flowers and fitting in the composition and coloring is excellent. Very ingenious and imaginative. Thanks for exposing me to this form of art.

  2. Wow! That’s all I can say. I never knew about this kind of thing.
    Thanks for the wonderful things

  3. “Flower People | Dusky’s Wonders” in reality got me simply addicted with your web page! I personallywill probably be back again more regularly. Many thanks -Adolph

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