We’ve got examples of humans displaying their ingenuity with benches, balloons, lights and  marshmallows.  We’ve got a blind man who produces striking paintings by feeling the textures with his fingers.  And of course we’ve got humans displaying  quirky and amusing creativity. And at least one case of a human who could use a little more ingenuity.

After discombobulation comes….

By Robert Jahns, aka nois7 on Instagram

By Ed Barna

Window Washers At A Childrens Hospital

Father/son vehicles

I wonder if it works.

By Jungho Lee

By Jungho Lee

In 2001, John Bramblitt lost his eyesight after an epileptic episode.  By using textured paint, John can tell where he painted and what, allowing him to virtually “see” the painting.


Photographer Charles Pétillon photographs arranged configurations of white balloons in a variety of environments.

Artist Thomas Jackson suspends swarms of objects mid-air for His “Emergent Behavior” Series.





Take out containers


Rohan Sharad Dahotre loves to doodle on animal pics.

By using carefully placed programmable LED lights attached to kayak paddles, instruments and other objects Ontario-based photographer Stephen Orlando translates movement into photographic light paintings.  The LED lights and a long exposure allow Orlando to track these movements through space, following arms and bows with light trails that extend out from the body and instrument.  The images are not altered with Photoshop.

Thanks to:  Brenda, Wim, George, Jen H., John, Sam,  Anita

And to:  This is ColossalDesignBloom and FlowArtStation

29 thoughts on “Human Ingenuity Medley, 10

  1. Will wonders never ….. No of course not!
    Great displays by every one, what imaginations.

  2. Thank you very much for the beautiful Art Show. As always, I always enjoy going into your site.
    Cheers/ R.M.Reid

  3. So enjoyable to receive your displays……I always learn something, too! Thank you so much !

  4. Yes, Dusky, this is so inspiring and delightful. Just to imagine the capacity for genius among us. Thank you, Paula

  5. I’m never sorry I take the time to check out your site. Great as usual! Thanks.

  6. As always this has been a great display of ingenuity. I enjoy visiting your website. Thank you for sharing with all of us.

  7. This is a first for me. What a wonderful variety of artistic talent. Thank you.

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