We’ve got clever, funny and quirky examples of human ingenuity followed by unique art and ending with drone images that show the complexity and beauty of patterns in nature and in human creativity.

Steven Mcmennamy constructs wildly imaginative images from two photos of seemingly unrelated objects he calls combophotos.

By Steven Macmurney

By Stephen McMennamy

By Stephen McMennamy

By Stephen McMennamy

By Stephen McMennamy

By Giuseppe Colarusso Photography

By Brooke DiDonato

Photomanipulations-By Giuseppe Colarusso

Improbability, by Giuseppe Colarusso

By giuseppe colarusso. I had look closely to see this one.

by Giuseppe Colarusso

By booke-didonato-zupi

While living for a month on an island in Maine, John Marshall gave himself a 30-day project  called Sunset Silhouette Selfies.  He had three rules:  1) He couldn’t have help. He used a ten-second timer, pressed the button and had to run into the shot.  2) He only used props that he made or found around his cabin.  3) His tools were nothing special. Mostly, he used cardboard from the island dump, a common kitchen knife and a cheap pair of scissors.  For more images go here.

By John Marshall

By Brooke DiDonato

By Faig Ahmed’s Glitchy

By Stephen McMennamy

Nevada solar panels. By Reuben Wu

Spiral staircase in China.

Artist Jennifer Maestre constructs sculputres using pencils and pencil shavings.

British-born artist James Doran-Webb creates life-sized driftwood horses. Every single piece of driftwood is handpicked with help from a team of craftsmen. Each piece takes from 1,000 to 3,000 hours to make.

Most of the following images are from the 2017 drone photo contest on dronstagram.

Ice formation by Florian

Photographer TJ Balon’s friend as he snowboarded through powder in Cordova, Alaska

Infinite Road to Transylvania by Calin Stan.

Gran Canaria Island, aerial photographer Karolis Janulis captured a shot of the colourful Playa de Amadores.

Camel tour snapped at sunset by honeymooner Todd Kennedy in Cable Beach, Australia.

Demark’s Kalbyris Forest by Michael Bernholdt.

Clube nautico araraquara by Charbe

An island dedicated entirely to a lighthouse in Alexandria Bay, New York.  By JustenSoule.

A swampy area of Cenas Tirelis near Riga, Latvia. By Capra Vecinului

Walled town Monteriggioni in Tuscany, Italy.  By helisnowy


Dawn on Mercury Tower by alexeygoDawn on Mercury Tower by alexeygo.

Provence, summer trim by jcourtial

Waterlily by helios1412

Here are a couple images created by the photographer for his drone.

Ugo le marin by rga

End of the line by Martin Sanchez

Thanks to:  Jen H., Anita, John, Wim, Lia

FlowArtStation and Dronestagram

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