I tend to look at many obviously-photoshopped images as cheating.  The colors are brighter than reality when reality itself is so wonderful.  I’m not sure what his techniques are, but when someone like Igor Zenin takes a flying leap with an image and with his imagination, creating something magically new, I’m enthralled.

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aa7 aa8fine-art-photos-by-igor-zenin-1-3-728aa9 Igor Zenin has more than 40 years of experience in photography. His work is well known far beyond the borders of the Republic of Moldova, where the Russian photo artist lives.  His images reflect, in his own words, ” the thin line between reality and the dream world.”  Follow the link to see more of his artwork and to make a purchase.

Thanks to John for introducing me to Zenin’s work.

20 thoughts on “Images Plus Imagination

  1. These are breathtaking, Dusky. Thank you so much for sharing all your fabulous photos.

  2. What a pleasure it is to open the computer and be delighted to see such lovely images – Thank you again,
    Darlene Griggs

  3. Simply beautiful! You are transported into another world through his breathtaking images.
    Thank you for sharing them, it is nice to experience beauty.

  4. Thank you again, dear Dusky, you nourish my eyes and my soul. I hope, all our gratefulness and joy brings you happiness.

  5. How beautiful these photos are and how talented is the photographer and above all: How creative is GOD almighty that HE lets us enjoy these great wonders in our wonderful world. We thank GOD for His kindness to us.

  6. I agree with you regarding your comment on photoshop being considered cheating. Some of these pictures reminded me of a glass of tea with way too much sugar, or, too much salt on food. Not natural.

    Photoshop is good when there are items which take away from the composition of the photograph. A correction of an error if you will. I love more, seeing what a photographer was able to “catch” with his camera, not photoshop.

    Thanks for all your effort to get these send a longs to us.

  7. Stunning, amazing what ways he put them together. I feel God created the original and Igor put them together so we could see more at once. God gave us our imaginations too.

  8. Wow, Dusky, these are phenomenal works of art. The colors just blow me away. Too many great ones to mention. Thank you for sending this along!

  9. I paint watercolors and always feel that every painting needs something living in it, such as a bee or bird in the flowers or a dog or cat or cow or deer etc in a landscape. I was so happy to see this happening in so many of these pictures. It adds interest and brings them alive. They are wonderful.

    1. Gerdi,
      Thank you. It does make me happy to hear that others are enjoying what I find and that we share the same sensibilities about beauty and the world.

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