Kids are naturally cute and funny.  Don’t know why it’s so hard to find images that aren’t entirely posed.  Here are some more candid pictures successfully gleaned with a little help from friends.

Both are learning.

big eyes

By Elena Karneeva

By Dan Zen on flickr

If you missed Kid Wonders 1, go here.

Thanks to:  Anita, John, George, Jill

13 thoughts on “Kid Wonders, 2

  1. Thank you for the therapy of wondrous photographs – worth thousands of words.

  2. Thanks for yet another wonderful collection. I am glad you supplied a link to Kids 1 at the bottom of the pics. I had missed them somehow. Your contribution enriches my life (and that of many, many others).

  3. Is there any better example of pure love than kids and their pets?
    As usual Dusky, your photo compilation makes my day better.
    Thank you

  4. These pictures are wonderful. They remind me of a song I like to sing to my grandkids. “You are a promise, You are a possibility, You are a promise with a capital P. You are full of potentiality. And if you listen you can hear God’s voice. And if you are trying, He will help you make the right choices. You are a promise to be anything God wants you to be.

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