Here are a bunch of creative people playing with setting moons and some suns.  Do not miss the gorgeous last photo of the recent annular solar eclipse by Clint Melander.  Enjoy.

I believe this is from an solar eclipse

Clint Melander, describes capturing this extraordinary image of the annular solar eclipse of May 20, 2012:

I wanted to capture this remarkable experience of the Annular Solar Eclipse at Horseshoe Bend in Northern Arizona.  This large panoramic composite image is made from about 48 images… shot with two cameras, making a composit of the sun in place over the canyon. What make this a fun image is the hundreds of photographers all capturing this extraordinary event lining the canyon rim with a thousand foot drop to the Colorado River below.

Ring of Fire, Horseshoe Bend, by Clint Melander

Thanks to Terri and Claire Elizabeth for getting me started on this.

To Merry for turning me onto AmazingThingsInThe World


2 thoughts on “Moon Fun and Some Sun

  1. spontaneous creativity at it’s best.

    Fabulous ring of fire and Colorado river with sequential sun’s eclipse

  2. SUPERBE ! Would by a book ! It is to look at and to re-look at and to share ! Thank you for that !

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