In the midst of preparing a new post on a completely different topic, I happened across these examples of design mistakes, construction errors, and just plain bad planning.  When I found myself laughing out loud I had to change course and share these.  WARNING: please don’t move on to the next one until you see the problem with the one you are looking at.  In my opinion, some of the funniest ones take a minute to see what is wrong.  And please leave a comment if you find yourself laughing out loud.  Say which one struck you as so funny.





They’re either convinced the grass is actually water or very protective of their sidewalk.



Someone’s going to have a very unpleasant experience with their hot dog

I have no idea what the system is here…

This is actually kind of genius, though I can think of many better solutions…

The cheapest seats in the house


 Something has gone terribly wrong here!

This makes the commentator’s  job infinitely more difficult

There are going to be a lot of collisions at that turn

When the printer goes haywire.

They’ve made this into quite an obstacle course.

Watch your step. No, really. Every single step.


At least there’s a roof for extra protection.




I love when my clients send me pictures of my work after I have left. Really shows how satisfied they are with the work.

Ever been walking down the stairs and found out that your phone needed a charge? I have come up with the solution! The best part is there is a built-in seat while you wait for your phone to finish charging.

Customer safety is always a top priority of mine. With no hesitation I always add a couple extra screws to make sure the plates don’t fall off. Electrocution is a very serious issue which I do not take lightly.

That atm is a little high.  Let’s move it down.


Are there flying cars that I don’t know about?

A soap dispenser just in case giants use the restroom.

Close enough.  It will be fine.

First I have to thank someone named Violet T.  Most of the first many images and droll comments come from her Babamail post that I happened on. It got me giggling and searching for more “construction fails” as this genre is called.  I also have to thank: Sunnyskyz, Bored Panda, and Cheezburger.

Don’t forget to leave a comment if any of these made you laugh out loud. Thanks.



28 thoughts on “Ooops!

  1. Nearly every one of these made me lol and shake my head at the same time…loved them…are you on Facebook at all?

  2. Just to see your name in my email brings a smile. Always a treat to enjoy.

    My thoughts in going through the pictures was, “by the book,” or, “that’s what the plans showed.” Common sense, as most times, left out.

    The one that brought a giggle is the last one suggesting “uninstall 2020.” A clever comment.

  3. Always open your emails with a smile ’cause I know that they will brighten my day and these days they sure need brightening! Just more often please!

  4. The comments on each pic were as funny as the pics themselves. What great selections. The depths of human stupidity will never be discovered but they certainly provided some great laughs.

  5. All the comments above really sum it up….you are a real entertainer of visual aide… thanks for the pleasure !!!! Keep it coming !!!

  6. I guess you want more positive and personal input from me ????
    What did I forget to put into my above remarks….was it the Website??
    My fault….Don”t know what it is…..very new at this stuff….sorry if I took up more space then needed….but still Thanks for sharing your talents!!

  7. I always am amazed at the construction “fails” that people build. it makes you feel like you’re not alone at stupid things you do. Of course you wouldn’t do these kinds of things would you?

  8. I’m having my kitchen remodeled in a few weeks. These cracked me up and wondering if my construction guys were the masterminds of any. I’m sending these pics on to the crew supervisor who has a good sense of humor. Thanks

  9. Love your stuff..I’m either amazed or laughing..either way, you’ve made my day a whole lot better.

  10. It was being a bad day. Then I opened your email and life was good again. I laughed out loud through the whole thing. Thanks. I love your emails and always forward them to everyone I know.

  11. This “oops!” series is seriously hilarious! The comments that accompany the photos are what make the images so very, very funny… Love the commentator’s eccentric sense of humour. I haven’t belly laughed like that since Roy and HG commentated the Olympic Games. Thank you! You brightened up my morning with a myriad instances of human stupidity! Love it!!!

  12. Yes me too, my days are always better when i get you mail..
    and I forward them on to many others..
    Keep them coming dusky…
    Annie – GC Australia

  13. Just an amazing moment, going thru all the amazing pictures you share. Hilarious and so funny. You brightened my day, with a amazing ray of light hidden in a smile.

  14. Very, very witty. I’m in a room totally alone, laughing my butt off out loud. What a great email. Love it! I absolutely agree; “You can’t fix stupid”.

  15. I have not laughed so hard in a long time. These are hilarious. I just can’t get over “stupid” fixes. I’m going to share these with everyone.I know and make their day. Please send us more. Thanks so much for sharing.

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