HIV virus

The goal of British artist Luke Jerram is “to present the dichotomy between the beauty of pathogens like the HIV virus and the havoc they wreak on humanity.”  His works depict viruses and bacteria at approximately one million times their actual size.  Jerram consulted with virologists from England’s University of Bristol to ensure his forms were scientifically accurate, then he teamed with highly specialized glassblowers to bring his vision to fruition. Only five editions of each microbe are produced for sale—unfortunately, their potentially lethal counterparts aren’t nearly so rare.

Malaria, just after it entered red blood cell


Ecoli bacteria


Avian or bird flu




Swine flu


T4 Phage

SARS pneumonia


Human Papilloma virus


H1N1 virus

The art of  Fernan Federici  Jim Haseloffand on WellcomeImages on flickr utilizes stains and a powerful microscope to highlight the patterns in bacteria.  None of these are photoshopped.


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9 thoughts on “Virus and Bacteria as Art

  1. Wow! Amazing glass work and photography. Proof yet again of the beauty inherent in ALL of nature. Thank you, Dusky for discovering and sharing these marvels.

  2. Kind of hard to look at the identified bacteria that cause illnesses like HIV, etc., but I can’t deny how beautiful they are, especially the ones in color, not photo-shopped!

  3. stunning visualizations of nature’s infinite diversity, simply spectacular beauty, and intrepid artistic skills and conceptualizations. this site is a triumph of creative passion. what more could be said.

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