Random images from nature that fill me with wonder.  I invite you to mention your favorite in comments below.



Cleveland harbor lighthouse after ice storm


The sagano bamboo forest. Photo by Donna and Steve at flickr

Uluru, Australia, Ayers Rock

After laboriously noting where I got many of these images in order to send my gratitude, I neglected to click on “save” and have lost attribution for some people and sites.  I apologize.,

I do need to thank Sam Pryor at Pinterest for so many of these images.  I could spend days at his postings.  If you like my site, you will like his.

Also thanks to  Roz Grage,  and   Cheryl 1109 also both from Pinterest.

Finally, thanks to Louise for forwarding several nature images through email.



17 thoughts on “Exquisite nature images

  1. It’s almost impossible to choose just one, but I’d have to say that my biggest “oh wow!!” has to be the castle on the rock in the water. I also really love the “eye” in the rock (arches national park).

  2. That castle on the rock made me catch my breath. Who on earth…?
    The sun on the water-carved rock walls, and water droplets on plant tendrils: so wonderful that someone caught them. Thanks again.

  3. Ah, Dusky, I don’t usually reply and I enjoy your offereings immensely. The varied topics and brilliant colors are a wonder to behold. Thanks for your dedication and for sharing the world’s beauty with us.
    Be well, lady.

  4. I would pick them all. For the glorious colours, composition,and beauty of nature so well photographed. The back packer perched on the ledge has to have great courage to reach the end and sit down. The moon and and the sun to gather is a rare picture, one would hardly see. Hats off to the men who conceived and executed the castle surrounded by water, so also the mountain trail by the side of high mountain. Fallen tree with reflection reminds one, of painting by constable. Flowers with bird perched on top is simply lovely. so also gateway with colourful flowers in foreground.
    When i See such beauty,colours in nature, my faith in God gets
    doubly enhanced.
    Thanks to all contributors and to you dusky for sharing.

  5. Thanks for the detailed comments. I think that backpacker has to have a little craziness mixed in with his courage. Same with the people on that narrow trail on the steep mountainside. You wouldn’t catch me in any of those places. I can barely look at others being there. 🙂

  6. wauw – I just want to go everywhere. Imaging the stories you could write living in the clif-in-the-sea-castle 🙂

  7. Dusky, your wondersite is just breathtaking, day after day, month after month. I’m in awe that you can do this. And a great refutation of all the sentimental, maudlin stuff that flies around the internet. Thank you!

  8. These are just so beautiful! I love them all. Thanks so much, Dusky, for continuing to provide us with this abundant beauty.

  9. All of these images are aw inspiring, thank you for sharing with those of us unable to explore for ourselves.

  10. Awesome and lovely photos. The back packer on the ledge and the couple on the narrow ledge scare me!

  11. La foto del árbol derribado en el espejo de agua, con el sol poniente de fondo, me parece una de las mejores que he visto en mi vida. Su site es fantástico, felicidades!

  12. The first photo is manufactured. It was done years ago by a student with the European software like Photoshop. When we see the moon, it is a reflection of the sun’s rays. The sun and the moon cannot be in the same direction because there is no reflection.

  13. Aww, that’s disappointing, though I thank you for telling about this. I try eliminate anything that has been too enhanced or totally made up by photoshop, but I surely do miss many, I’m sure.

  14. Difficile de choisir entre ces merveilles! et surtout qu"elles representent des thèmes différents. MAIS , elles très belles merci pour le partage on said:


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