Some weather is breathtakingly beautiful; some bizarre; some, like ominous clouds, a little spooky and some just weird.  I’ve chosen to leave out more disturbing images of the devastation that can also come from extremes of weather.

Cloud over Lake Tahoe, CA by Bryan Hightower

By Sam Javanrouh

Badlands, South Dakota, US by Mike Hollingshead

End of the rainbow.

Sandstorm in Iraq

By Sam LeBarron

By Ryan McGinnis

Nacreous or Mother-of-Pearl clouds over Norway.

Nacreous clouds are located in the stratosphere between 9 and 16 miles high. Their “mother of pearl” colors come from sunlight striking tiny ice crystals inside the clouds. Very low temperatures near -85 degrees C are required to form the crystals, which is why nacreous clouds are seen mainly during winter over places like Alaska, Iceland and Scandinavia.

Dust storm approaching Phoenix, Arizona, US

By Karen Titchener, Cloud Appreciation Society

Northern light over volcano. Photo by Sigurour H. Stefnisson

Ice castle, Silverthorne, Colorado by Kristal Kraft

Ligntening above Chilean volcano Puyehue Cordon Caulles

Sand storm in Khartoum, Sudan

Lenticular clouds by Haakron Mork, Norway

Tornado waterspout, Murvica by Malden DJ

Cape Town, South Africa

Aurora Thunderstorm, Thingvellir National Park, Iceland

Searchlight, Nevada

Valcano hits water, Hawaii

A fire rainbow over Idaho in the US Circumhorizontal

Lightning flashes around the plume of the Puyehue Cordon Caulle volcano chain, Engrelagos, Chile


Thunderhead Hurricane Ridge, Washington, USA

by Ryan McGinnis

Now a few images about hail–they may surprise you like they did me.  Don’t miss the video at the end.

Like getting pelted with snow-ball sized balls of ice.

After a hailstorm in the Middle East

Poor guy.

Hail stones bigger than 4 inches usually have rings which are visible if you split them in the middle.

After a hailstorm.

For more weird weather on this site go here.

Thanks to DarkRoastedBlend’s weird weather section

To Extreme Instability, a site for people who chase tornadoes, clouds and get spectacular images



1 thought on “Weird Weather, 2

  1. Excellent photography. Awe inspiring hiding raw force that can annihilate any thing that come in the path of the hidden fury.
    Man can step on the moon but can he dream of controlling the nature? In front of nature he is nothing. Each photograph is so deceptively serene and artistic!
    Thanks dusky for sharing.

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