Dogs are definitely the winners when it comes to connecting across species.

This post starts with species that are NOT household pets.  Then onto dogs, cats and  the surprising animals they hang out with.

I end with stories of unusual relationships.  If you want to read more about a particular story, click on the image and you will go to the website with the details.


Rabbit and hedgehog

Red winged blackbird hitching a ride on a red-tailed hawk.

On to dogs, cats and their unlikely friends.

O.k., I have to allow a couple too-cutenesses

Stories of Mixed Species

A baby hippo loses its mother in a tsunami and bonds with  a 120-year-old male turtle in Kenya.

This lion, tiger and bear were rescued when young from a raid on a drug lord in Atlanta, GA. The Noah’s Ark Animal Rescue Center kept them together because they had already bonded.

Dog adopts piglet runt abandoned by its mother.

A deer and bunny become friends in a place run by tanja-askani, in Germany.  It seems to be about animal rescue, but a lot of the info is in German.

Noah is a one-legged homing pigeon at the Wild Rose Rescue Ranch in Texas who adopted three bunnies after their mom died.

After the bunny, Noah went on to adopt other rescued animals.

Chimp adopts baby white tiger in TIGERS rescue in S. Carolina.