In this perfectly imperfect world, we all crave order, symmetry, whimsy and of course beauty. Thanks to Bored Panda, I happened onto countless images that are “Oddly Satisfying.” Once I got started, I couldn’t stop, following links from one post to another, collecting more and more favorites. So enjoy my selection of oddly satisfying images and follow the link to pick your own.

The Lighting Under This Bridge That Makes It Look Like A Crescent-Moon In The Water

My Neighbor’s Tree Fits Perfectly In My Window


A jaguar in Mexico was caught climbing through a broken wall that separates the jungle from a town in Quintana Roo.

These Two Zebras Lining Up Randomly, And Perfectly


This perspective-warping shot of the Rio Tinto river in Spain, taken by a drone

Before & After 3-D Paint Job

Droplets On A Car Windshield During Sunset

Tree’s Shadow, perfect

This Mystique Cosplay Mid Merge (By Magnetomystique)

This Cake by Malizzi Cakes

Amazingly Well-Stacked Carrots On A Pickup

It Looks Like A Leafy Spoonful Of Cottage Cheese

I Finally Got A Picture Of My Cat Looking At The Camera

A wild Boar got in this photo of the night sky.  Amazing. “Milky Way” by Bence Mate.

These Rhubarb Pies

A Single Fallen Tree Holding Back The Duckweed In The Wetlands Of Louisiana

Lithops Are South African Plants That Have Evolved To Look Like Stones

The Way The Frost Highlights The Sculpture

I’m Not Sure They Entirely Thought This Through

The Way The Snow Accumulated

A Picture Demonstrating How Smoke Is Particulate Matter Suspended In Air

Piano Cake.  Very Talented Chef

These men carrying the city on a desktop.

Cubic Window During Different Times Of Day

Wind Turbines Aligned In A Row In Nevada

A Cornucopia Of Mushrooms

Matsumoto Castle On A Winter Night, Nagano Prefecture, Japan

Making A Mosaic With Autumn Leaves by Porky Pain

This Photo Of The Moon And A Plane

The Way The Snow Rolled Down On My Windshield

Beautiful Apple Carving

My Neighbors Tree Has The Perfect Fall Gradient

Bad vs. Good Cable Management In A Server Room

Wintry Layers Of The Sea Of Japan Shoreline

Yogurt Bear Arrangement At This Market

A Dandelion Bouquet

Stealing The Moon

How Perfectly Our Cereal Boxes Fit In This Shelf In Our Dorm

She’s unimpressed by his showing. By Barbara Ingeborg.

This Plant Growing Up A Palm Tree

This Pattern Out Of Snow On A Patio Table

River Of Flowers, Netherlands

This perfect fit

OCD soup

A Perfect Snowflake Landed On Me

Perfectionism at work. These Piles Of Spice At A Market In Marrakesh

Trail Of My Sugar Cube Falling Through The Milk Froth

Still waters

Square Roots

Iceberg makes 4 perfect quadrants

A perfect forest

Rainbow Above The Flower Field


This Broom Setup In Our Local Garden Store



12 thoughts on “Oddly Satisfying

  1. Thanks for this wonderful collection of nature and mankind photos.
    I always enjoy your presentations and I appreciate the work that must go into the collection .

  2. These Photos are amazing ! I am Fascinated by them. I love all the wonders you send. Keep up the GREAT work.

    A fan forever!!

  3. In a world turning so ugly in so many ways, these photos are a pleasant, refreshing, soul feeding reminder of the beauty that still surrounds us. Thanx for sharing.

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