Following are selections from the Sienna International Photo Contest. SIPA 2022 had nearly 48.000 images from amateur and professional photographers from 156 countries worldwide.

Sometimes I was able to identify the name of the photo and photographer but not the location of the picture. I apologize because it may leave you wondering, as it did me.

by Maymoni Maya, Savannah Storm

Red Chillies Pickers by Azim Khan Ronnie,

By Shirley Wung, Fireflies mating

By Kerry Griechen, Louisiana swamp, USA

Did you notice the glasscleaner in the above image?

Bangladesh by Rahat Bin Mustafiz

By Ahmet Fatih Sönmez, Shepherds return home in E. Turkey

by Alessandra Meniconzi, Mangrove










“Vivid Conversation” Giza, Egypt by Liliana Ranalletta

Man in painting, Rome, Italy by Liliana Ranalletta  It’s hard to believe this man wasn’t cast to fit into this painting.

Priest Aregawi Wolde Mariam looks down at a dry river valley below an ancient church in Tigray, Ethiopia.By Natalia Mroz

by Thanh Nguyen Phuc, Hanoi, Vietnam

Long Mountains by Vasily Iakovlev

by Mustafa Kilic, Turkey

Kerala, India by Weimin Qi

Polar Fox in Norway by Bernt Østhus,

Murmuration Sunset by Aya Okawa

Tianzi Mountains, China by Alexandre Manuel

Spiral Staircase next to a big tank in an electric power plant by Steffen Ebert

The Ysios Winery in Egypt by Pedro Luis Ajuriaguerra Saiz

Inside a museum by Yuliy Vasilev

the demolition of the Provincial Agricultural Consortium’s silo. Built in the 1970s, it was used to store wheat by Giulio Casti

Spiral Run by Marcel Van Balken

Manhatten, by Ibrahim Nabeel Salah

Dubai expo, by Muhammad Almasri


From 2022 Envision Kindness contest.

This first one is a heart-breaker. So touching. And a reminder that in the midst of tragic violence, there is also incredible kindness.

War notes by Mounab Taib

Mother and Son by Thant Zin In

Relationship by Thet Naing Oo

Horse and Girl by Ramazan Cirkoglu

Holding Our World by Pinkesh Bhati


Mother’s Love by Dikye Ariani

A couple months ago as I was in the midst of organizing a new post for my website I accidentally published it before it was finished. So here is a recap about Wikimedia and some new categories of photos:

The following photos are culled from monthly photo challenges sponsored by Wiki Commons, part of the same non-profit that offers the familiar Wikipedia. Photographers all over the world freely offer their take on the subject with the only stipulation being that the person using the photographs give attribution.

Challenges are based on a theme and run for a month. The theme may be a concrete subject, an abstract concept, a photographic technique or artistic style. 

Each contributor publishes in their own language and the only info required is the name they use on Wiki. Therefore, unfortunately it often leaves me wondering where the image was taken.

Breaking Rules contest

Breaking the rules by Mozzihh

Zebra crossing Audierne Bretagne by PtrQs

Prague, Czech Republic by Eliška Jindříšková

Tree out of line by Shiela dixon

breaking rules, The real me by Achraf Baznani

Not easy waiting for the bus, by Jmh2o

Upsidedown room in museum, Hamberg, Germany by Lusi Lindwurm

Cress growing in keyboard by wetwebwork

In Niagra Falls, Canada by AK-Bino

Footprints appear as raised,_Juist_island,_Germany by Hartmut Schmidt, Heidelberg



Blue-Peacock By GabrielleMerk

Feathers of a male common pheasant (Phasianus colchicus), photographed on Spiekeroog, Germany,1 By Stephan Sprinz

Pale white dove feather – rachis with one row of disconnected barbs – DSG2033-1 – 2021-04-04

Great White Pelican by Mozzihh

Ringed young sparrow hawks (Accipiter nisus). Location, Natuurterrein The Famberhorst in the Netherlands By Dominicus Johannes Bergsma


Big and Small

bucket wheel excavator at brown coal open face mine Welzow, Germany By Staubi59


The merchant and the fishing boat by Propoli187


by T.Kiya

by Odd Roar Aalborg,

by Peter Gronemann

by Hartmut Schmidt, Heidelberg

Big (E27s) and small (E10s) incandescent lamps by Friedrich Haag

by Reinhold Moller

Liebherr LRB 355 pile driving and drilling rig By Reinhold Moller




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  2. Thank you so much! Your pictures are always so awesome and I love all of them. Nature is indeed so vivid and who can deny that God made it all?

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