Below you will find my selection of images on the subjects of Stairs, Workers in Africa and “Big and Little.” They are culled from monthly photo challenges sponsored by Wiki Commons, part of the same non-profit that offers the familiar Wikipedia. Photographers all over the world freely offer their take on the subject with the only stipulation being that the person using the photographs give attribution.

Each contributor publishes in their own language and the only info required is the name they use on Wiki. Therefore, unfortunately it often leaves me wondering where the image was taken.


Ponce de Leon Inlet Florida, USA By P. Hughes

Treppe_im_Lutherhaus, in Wittenberg, Germany. By Empiriokritizismus

TreppeKyffhäuserdenkmal By Kora27

By Abdulrahman Mohammed

Spiral steps at Mohabat makabara by Sneha G Gupta

Wendeltreppe By Englandfan

two spiral staircases in National theater, Taiwan by 黃景淵

Spiral staircase viewed from below. Albergo Santa Chiara, Rome, Italy by Matt Fitt.

Remnants of stairs at junagadh, Gujarat, India by Sneha G Gupta

Schloss_Strünkede Germany by Mozzihh

Vatican Museums Spiral Staircase by User-Colin

Berwarttreppe_Deutschorden Schloss Bad Mergentheim by Norbert Gronostay

WenteltrapS tift Melk,UNESCO Oostenrijk by Algont. Melk Abbey is a Benedictine abbey above the town of Melk, Austria, on a rocky outcrop overlooking the Danube river.

Badodara, GujaraIndia By Sneha G Gupta


Stairway to Heaven By Sally V

Africa at work

Tunesia, by Hallouli.

Women at work, by Sirphilipjunior

Palm oil refiners. By Foktokrafting

Africa, Somalia, Mogadishu. A man carries a huge hammerhead through the streets of Mogadishu By Marco-Gualazzini

Woman milking cow near Gonder by Niels Van-Iperen

By Abdulrahman Mohammed

Clothes dyers in Fez, Morocco by Mrinal-Mohit

By Adelbayoumi

By Adelbayoumi

By Abdulrahman Moh

By Farid Abdin

By Hassananelsayadd

By Michelle-Kibe

By Hossametsh20


By Adelbayoum


By Adelbayoumi

By Alaaeldeebphotography


From 2022 Wiki Loves Earth

Photo by Neide José Paixão, Portugal

By ayub mooduto, Indonesia. This camouflaged Santa Claus pygmy seahorse measures less than 1 inch or 3cm long.

By Jsinglador, Philippines

Photo by Aboubakrhadnine, Hoggar National Park, Algeria. Note the line of people walking.

Photo by Abdul Momin (Abdulmominbd), Ratargul Swamp Forest, Bangladesh

by Stathis floros, Greece

By Spica-Vega Photo Arts (Banu Nazikcan), Turkey

Big and Little



13 thoughts on “Wikimedia

  1. I have deeply admired Dusky’s photos and philosophy behind them for a long time. It is a joy to see these recent ones that reflect such a myriad of realities few of us contact except through his kind of site and National Geographic.
    Thank you ever so much, Dusky, for sharing these insights through vivid imagery.

  2. You made my day with these amazing photos. Thank you so much for posting. I will return and explore later (when I’m not working)!

  3. What your collections continue to demonstrate, beyond all their great physical features, is your compassion and respect for humanity. You deserve our deepest gratitude.

  4. spectacular photos! inspiring me to get out my iPhone and start shooting!! thanks for the inspiration, dusky!

  5. Dear Dusky it´s always amazing to enjoy the fantastic adventure we make thru your selection of photos. It´s a delight to see and enjoy the world in such a beauty, colorful, incredible, amazing diversity.

  6. I love the Santa Claus Pygmy Seahorse! I’ve never seen one before…What fantastic coral camouflage!

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