This post is divided into sections:

I) Animals disguised as leaves

II) Animals as flowers

III) Larger animal camo, with hints–for this part I number them.  Some are easy to see and some not.  So if you are having a hard time finding the animal, you can look at the end of the section and I will give a hint.

IV.  HELP! This section has a few images I have found in other posts about camouflage, stared at for longer than I can tolerate, and not been able to find the animal.  So I invite you to find it and post a comment that describes where to look and what to look for.

V.  Videos–Don’t miss the videos at the end.  A chameleon and an octopus like you’ve never seen.


Bugs are some of the best at camouflaging as leaves, but did you know frogs, lizards and snakes do a pretty convincing job too?

Note:  a decaying-leaf bug.

An unfolding leaf stick bug.

A praying mantis mixture of dead and alive.

Fresh leaf.

By Igor Siwanowicz

Half dead leaf.

A leaf-mimic katydid

A dead leaf butterfly

Praying Mantis

Frog leaf

A cryptic frog.

Lizard leaf.

These leaf-fish in the Amazon are remarkably stealthy.

Leaf fish


Some bugs prefer mimicking flowers more than leaves.

By Igor Siwanowicz

Crab spider.

This praying mantis is looking for the right flower.

III.  Larger animal camo with hints

No. 1No. 2

No. 3

No. 4

No. 5

No. 6

No. 7

No. 8

No. 9

No. 10

No. 11

No. 12

No. 13


No. 15

No. 16

No. 17

No. 18

No. 19

No. 20

No. 21

No. 22

No. 23

No. 24

Can you spot the green chameleon?

How about now?

Names and hints:  1) Cheetah  2) Three toed sloth  3) Grizzly in snow  4) Kangaroo (on left)  5) Owl  6) Python  7)  Wolf (on right)  8)  Jaguar  9)  Something in the deer family  10)  Lion cub 11)  Lizard  12)  Crocodile  13)  Elephant  14)  Frog  15)  Rocky Ptarmigan chick in nest  16)  Mimic Octopus  17)  Giraffe  18)  Snake  19)  Owls  20)  Ermine weasel  21)  Waterfall frog  22)  Some kind of reptile  23)American Bittern bird,  24) tawny frogmouth bird.


If you see a wolf in the image below, please explain where.

Please post a comment if you see anything in the following images.

Many thanks to Moominmom3 who explains where to find and explain where to look for two wolves and some kind of reptile under the comments section below.

O.K.  Now you just have to check out this chameleon.  Sorry if you don’t like the music but wait until the end.  It’s the best.

Super chameleon

This octopus video is a section of a TED talk by David Gallo. It’s hard to believe it’s real, but it is.  The whole talk can be seen here.

Here’s another way to point out the animals hiding in my “help!” images, thanks to Mel in Scotland.

13 thoughts on “Animal Camouflage

  1. for the wolf…start at the word “wolf” and look 1/2 way down the pic…he’s staring at you; head on the right, tail end on the left! 🙂

  2. second pic; another wolf….look under the word “comment” – he’s peeking out behind the second tree…to the right of the trunk! 🙂

  3. third pic; another wolf….just kidding! look under the two prominent tree trunks in the pic above…follow those two lines down to two orange/black eyeballs – centered below those is the hint of a snout/nose…some sort of gecko? lizard?

  4. Dusky’s site is the best in the world. The photographs are mind boggling and to spot the camouflaged animals and insects requires special instincts.The photographs are the best I have come across in the category.

  5. Hey Moominmon3,
    Good eyes and thanks for finding them. I see by the timing of your comments, it didn’t take you long, either. 🙂 Dusky

  6. my kids and i love your site! thanks for compiling such incredible images! 🙂

  7. These are just wonderful—the right word when one thinks “full of wonder”! Thanks, Dusky—will be a keeper to send to the grandkids!

    In the wolf picture, once I saw it, was so obvious—but boy it’s hard until then! And the octopus—what a great creature!

    Best wishes, Lorie

  8. I will use it in my Spanish classes!! My students will enjoy this as much as I have. Gracias

  9. It was not very hard for me to see the two wolves in the woods and the two eyes in the sand without help. This may be because I’m color blind in the colors that are between red and green in the spectrum.
    This is a very impressive selection of pictures.
    Thanks for sharing them.

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  11. First one is a wolf that’s in the top left section and the second is also a wolf in the top left corner, a bit more higher than the first, and the third is a frog.
    This is very easy, find harder ones!!!

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