First I share one breath-taking image.  Then some exquisite photography of animals.  Then a slew of cuteness, ending with a series of animals hanging out in a place that’s hard to believe.  As always, I’m happy to have you vote for favorites in the comments section.  Enjoy.

You knew whales were huge, but this image still astonishing.

Albino dolphin

If you like this pygmy marmoset and want to see whole post about them, here it is

What was this moose thinking?

A giant grape?

Is this guy too cute to be real?


Photo by Curt Fonger

What was this bobcat thinking?

Curt Fonger

A champion pigeon

Another champ.

Family Hug

What’s that on the dam wall? Look closely!

This is the Diga del Cingino dam in Italy  and the animals are European Ibex.  They like to eat the moss and lichen growing on the wall. They also are licking the salt off the stone. 

This post was a group affair.  Many thanks to people who forwarded me images:  Claire Elizabeth, Louise, ABC news via Patty/Patricia, Neil.  Thanks also to:  Joan Stricker on Pinterest,, Sam Pryor on Pinterest, Roz Grage on Pinterest, and Orange Donkey.





13 thoughts on “Animal Images: Amazing, Exquisite and Aww

  1. Wow! I’m amazed at how the Ibex are able to scale the dam! amazing! I love the turtle and the grape. That’s my favorite. Very cute!

  2. Yet another set of amazing, adorable photos. I just love these!

  3. beautiful pics in this web, nothing like it, congratulations, Thanks for sharing

  4. Dusky: You have outdone yourself with this group of photos–I can’t even choose my favorite (did like the frog resting on the frond with legs crossed over his tummy but so many were amazing. Thank you for the post–so enjoyable!

  5. thanks to the various photographers for excellent photographs and to dusky for sharing.

    protection of siblings ,love for the family is so obvious amongst the animal kingdom which one does not come across so often so well photographed.

    Ibex should be declared as the winner of rock climbing animals. So easily they climb and traverse maintaining the balance and doing what they do to survive! I had a chance to see the mountain goats in Himalaya who were equally at ease to run up and down the steep slopes.


  6. My many favorites: painted bunting among flowers singing; the frog hanging from a bud; fruit dove with foozy babies; the tree full of bears; stretching coyotes; the gosling running away; the pigeons; and the ibex on the wall.
    Thanks for all these neat things!

  7. For those of us who love animals, birds, fish and insects—this was a winner! I can’t pick a favorite—the giraffe family, the reclining frog, and the elephant family were some memorable ones. Thank you, Dusky—you can always make a day at the computer much more fun!

  8. Absolutely gorgeous, breathtaking and appreciative of wildlife and nature at its most enchanting. For all those talented patient photographers that share their joy and passion with us. I am truly grateful to see the beauty and cutesy of the world in which we share. Thank you to all of those who give us a glimpse of precious moments that go would otherwise go unwitnessed.

  9. Entralling, amazing, marvelous, enchanting (where’s my thesaurus?)! Love, love, love it!

  10. What an amazing collection. Hard to comment on any one specific. Really touches the heart. Thanks Dusky: Tim

  11. If I had to, I mean had to pick one. It would be the smiling mouse in the flower. Thanks for doing what you do with your photography.

  12. Such wonderful pics, can’t name a favorite there are so many of them, Dusky, thanks for sharing!!

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