We’ve got unusual deer, animals in small things, good parenting, surprised and surprising animals, plus some gifs to amuse.

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Impala in Botswana.  Photograph by Chris Schmid via National Geographic.

Impala in Botswana. Photograph by Chris Schmid via National Geographic.

albino buckalbino and momanimals, buck via john

Photograph by Bartek Olszewski via National Geographic.

Photograph by Bartek Olszewski via National Geographic.

antlers in field

In Japan

In Japan

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Chevrotain, smallest member of deer family

Chevrotain, smallest member of deer family

We all know cats love to hang out in small things–but so do other animals.

animals, spot 9 animals, spot 6 animals, spot 5animals via John spot

animals, spot 15 animals, spotanimalsl, spot 7

Animals via John My spot 2

Animals via JOhn, My spot animals, spot 14Still, I think cats take the prize.

animals, spot 3animals via John My spotanimals, spot 16Some great parenting pics

parents, 5 b995ccef7147c9ca5def7db427061247 animals, frogs aimals, possum animals, kang via john animals, Lar Gibbon - by No. Ge. on Flickr.

animals, Learning climbing • Brown Bear Cub between Mom's legs so as not to fall • by Rob Janné

parents, 4 parents 3 parents 1parents, 6 parents, via kath and john e. parents via kath and john e parents 2parents, via kath and johnSome surprised animals?

animals, surprised via George A animals, surprised 9 animals, surprised, 7 animals, surprised, 3 animals, surprised 4animals, surprised 6

animals, suprised 5

Now some  animals that might surprise you.

Venezuelan Poodle Moth

Venezuelan Poodle Moth

By Jorapache in Spain

By Jorapache in Spain

animals, real maybe, via johnanimals, mantis

Photograph by Yanai Bonneh via Natinal Geographic

Photograph by Yanai Bonneh via Natinal Geographic

Vietnamese mossy frog

Vietnamese mossy frog

Pom pom crab

Pom pom crab

Baby eagle

Baby eagle

Via Smithsonian

Via Smithsonian

animals, turtle via johnanimals, turtle and appleanimals, cat and melon

South-West Morocco, where the goats climb the Argan trees to eat argo nuts

South-West Morocco, where the goats climb the Argan trees to eat argo nuts

Pygmy Marmoset.  If you haven't seen these, there's a whole post about them on this site.  Try search at bottom of page.

Pygmy Marmoset. If you haven’t seen these, there’s a whole post about them on this site. Try search at bottom of page.

animals, spot 2

Pesky Prairie dogs

Pesky Prairie dogs

Charles Back brought goats to his Fairview Cheese and Wine Farm at Fairview in South Africa, and built them a tower so they could climb like they were used to.

Charles Back brought goats to his Fairview Cheese and Wine Farm at Fairview in South Africa, and built them a tower so they could climb like they were used to.

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animals, Ducklings-helpedanimal gif, Raccoon-steals-hops-awayanimal gif, raccoon

animal gif, kitten and potato animal, mean panda

animal gif, Cat-hopping-hind-legs


animal gif, Cat-bites-soda-can

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33 thoughts on “Animals, mostly amusing with some surprises

  1. another delightful photo trip through adorable animal land. Thanks so much, Dusky, for continuing this good work.

  2. More joy in July. Thanks, Dusky. Always looking forward to the next post. Loved this one and all others.

  3. I love receiving these wonderful pictures of our dear animal world. Thanks so much !!

  4. I love the things that animals do and the positions they can get into.

  5. I love the way animals get into a persons heart. I never get tired to looking at the things they do.

  6. What a marvelous collection of animals! About halfway through, I decided to pick my favorite one. Well, that was a joke! No way could I name the best. I don’t know how I received this today, but I am grateful beyond belief. Thank you, and keep them coming!


  8. Thank you for have me in your mailig list
    I love it ! You are doing an amazing job

    Blanca Luz Ross

  9. Thank you Dusky. Always a fun surprise to get your latest photos of natures beauty.

  10. Just wanted to say thank you for posting this series. God’s creatures are truly amazing.

  11. Thank you a thousandfold for all these singularly special photographic visions . For this last selection I liked the POM POM CRAB and the THE WHITE MOTH, BUT THEN THE FISH WITH THE TRANSPARENT DECORATIVE WINGS WERE FROM A MOST CREATIVE AND WONDERFUL CREATOR-GOD. …if only all of us on planet earth would
    stop to see and wonder and be grateful and protect all of it – all of it.

  12. The PomPom Crab, the White Moth and The Fish with the decorative transparent wings is sheer magic from our Creator-God and all of it
    is sheer wonder….

  13. your photo collections are absolutely the most fun on the net. my all time favorite things to watch. I thank you for brightening my day in this increasingly dreary state of the world.

  14. As always enjoy your compilation of our wonderful animals, we are so lucky to have such characters in our lives to cheer us. Thank you.

  15. Thank you Dusky Im always excited to see your next post. Always very entertaining and informative

  16. These are really cute, and pretty true to what baby animals and others will do in the wild and in the tame. Cats must just be in right now because half of them are cats. Amazing.

  17. J’aime vos photos de toutes catégories I l’ike all catégories bonjour à tous❤️

  18. Dusky, All your web postings are a wonder. I am an amateur photographer, and for the past 3 yrs., I have been in Assisted Living in Houston, a totally new environment for me, but I’ve taken over 7,000 photographs of friends and our activities, but what I like most is nature: the squirrels and birds, trees and flowers, clouds and sunsets. Your recent posting gave me an opportunity to see many animals that I’ve never seen. I’ll be looking forward to seeing more of your nature postings. I post some of my pictures on Facebook and Shutterfly’s My Life. I have a Canon Power Shot that I got 8 years ago. I’ve dropped it 5 times on concrete and have a piece of tape holding it together, but like the Timex ad, I keep on clicking and the camera keeps on ticking…. Thanks again for your Animal Wonders. Carolyn Moss

  19. always look forward to receiving your beautiful pictures, they brighten my day. may God continue to bless you with this gift!

  20. I’m so thankful for the beautiful photos Dusky… they are gift for all of us and you make our life more brightening. God bless you to be able to continue this activity. : )

  21. спасибо за позитив ,добрые эмоции ,красота спасет мир!

  22. What fun, Dusky! Special pictures of fascinating critters. I was quite interested in all the places/objects the animals picked to rest or hide. The owl peeking out the end of a pipe was splendid.
    Bless your heart!

  23. A martvelous collection of photos. It must have taken a world of patience for the photographer. Thank you.

  24. Dick,
    Yes, this websites include hundreds of amazing images by photographic artists with skill, patience, knowledge, practice (and some luck). I feel bad that for so many of them I have no way to give them the attribution they so richly deserve.

  25. There are many positive things that I could write about this wonderful program of animals. However, I will just close by informing you of my multitude of grateful thank you’s for what you are doing.

  26. The AU/NZ people are best anywhere. Pictures are great–We traveled in a VW Camper for 4 months. From Sydney, round the bottom, up thru the middle, climbed the Rock, on to Alice Sprs (our favorite City) , Darwin, Came down 600 miles to head East. If you haven’t climbed the Rock nor seen the Outer Reef–You haven’t seen Australia. I can’t say enough about the people.

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