This is for the people who left comments saying they wish I would post wonders more often.  It’s so easy to find and see the wonders of baby animals.  If you aren’t into Ooohs and aahhs and chuckles and unbelievable cuteness, skip this post.

I can’t help it if Koala’s are so cute they get more than their share of pictures.

Here are a few animals that might not be familiar or you might be surprised to find that their babies can be sort of cute.

A baby eastern quoll

Tapir with babe


Southern pudu fawn. It is the world’s smallest deer and tends to be around a foot tall at the shoulder. When they’re born, they’re only 6 inches high, and weigh less than a pound.

Greater Bilby Baby


Ooops. Another koala snuck in.

Mashatu Game Reserve in Botswana by Isak

by Aranka Janné in Cabarceno Natural Park, Spain.

helping baby elephant that fell into a ditch, by Mark Bowler

Thanks to: Lawrence, Kathleen, Mer, Louise, Sam, Babamail, flowart, George

30 thoughts on “Baby Animals

  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful photos. They gave me such joy!
    I live alone with my little dog, Daphne, You just can’t imagine how much my heart leaped with happiness at all those tiny creatures.
    Thank you again and may God bless you greatly!!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Nature is so wonderful, and it seems all babies are appealing; that’s why every mother takes care of them!

  3. Dusky – Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful photos with all of us. Each is a wonderful example of the love, caring and patience that animals feel and express for their young. Diana

  4. I have a Facebook Wonders page and haven’t put this post up yet. Check again
    tomorrow. And thanks for reminding me. I’d love to have you share this on f.b.

  5. These beautiful photos of babies are so cute that they made me want to see more of these from your great wonders posts. Thanks so much for sharing and keep them coming.

  6. You can go to the Wonders site and find endless wonder full images of animals, some babies, some funny, some weird and some just gorgeous photographs.

  7. I use to be able to put these pictures on Facebook…but I do not see a tab to do that anymore…is it hiding somewhere, or am I mistaken…Deja Vu.

  8. These go way beyond the usual ‘ooohs & aaahs’ though! The exquisite colors and shading are breathtaking, going deep into the quiet amazement of one’s soul and enriching it almost beyond belief in many shots… Thank you seems inadequate again.

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