If you’re sensitive to cuteness overload, better skip this post.

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by #timflach

















Thanks to:  Sam Pryor and Joan Stricker both at pinterest,

to pixdaus

and to Kathleen J. and Gary W.




10 thoughts on “Cats and Dogs, Funny and Cute

  1. No cuteness overload here–I loved the photos, especially the cat lying on the pants hangers…

  2. They are all great! Too hard to choose! Love the adult cat teaching the kitten how to reach up higher, and the cat on the hangers, and the kitten summersault, and the cat catching the mouse, and the adorable little round-faced puppy, and the first one of the kitten standing up…… all too cute!

  3. Always a pleasure to see these darling animals as the pic’s make my day… Do you have horses,wolves,bison and indians as i’m very
    interested in them also..
    please keep up the great work you do….
    i absolutely love all that you do, you make alot of people happy with your work….

    PATTI R J..

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  6. I loved them all especially the cat standing on a dog’s back (Lab perhaps?) to drink from the refrigerator! Such fun; I never tire watching! Thank you, Thank you!

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