These images were chosen for the artistry of the photograph more than the animal/s themselves.

By Roger Becker

Camels crossing oasis.

The Unbald Eagle

by Andrew Wong

Check how this flock of flamingos in the Gulf of Mexico are in a bird shape.

Goat watching man watching goat.

by Tom Leeson

Lone bull elephant by Victoria Falls, Zambia, Africa

By Mike Bueno

by Jason Wickens

These are fireflies with timed photo.  The white circular lines are stars moving.

Cattle egrit.

by Troy Lim

A timed photo of moths coming to a light.

Golden pheasant.

by David Castor

By Octavianus Darmawan

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5 thoughts on “Exquisite Animal Images

  1. Cute black lamb in white mob, lovely moth flight trails, beautiful tree in the lake with the birds around it, funny zebras. Thanks for the beauty.

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