Vote for your favorite combo in the comments.

And don’t miss the videos at the end.


Oops, not sure these next ones are friends.









Yes, it’s a kimodo dragon.




Make sure you notice what this bear is hugging–that is a hug, right?



Thanks, Ginny for the video and Jean for the cactus cat.


9 thoughts on “More Mixed Species

  1. Dusky—you continue to one-up yourself with each new group of amazing photos! These are great! I guess I might vote for a few, one in particular I loved is the Orangutan and the leopards. (Or were they tigers??) But lots more, too.
    Best, Lorie

  2. Even as a not usually animal person, I love these photos! I was going to vote for the orangutan and the leopards, too! but I also loved the polar bear and the wolf and the tiny kitty and chick Too cute!

  3. Oh, these are wonderful–yes, why can’t we do this as well. I have lots of favorites, all the ducks in a row following the dog, etc. many–but I still love the black cat and the owl. That kind of feels so unnatural, and they are so playful with each other. (I also liked the 4 turtles lines up facing the alligator (or crocodile–how can you tell?)


  4. The lion in the picture of the lion and mouse is fake. And I think the pic of the lion and kitten is photoshopped. A male lion would tear a kitten apart in seconds. Otherwise, I like the giraffe and ostrich. šŸ™‚

  5. Now that you mention it, it’s obvious (the lion and the cat especially.) I considered taking it out, but will leave my mistake in. šŸ™‚

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