Due to a minor technical glitch, this post is actually Part 1 of Human Ingenuity Medley 3. Part 2 also promises to include amazing, amusing, inspiring examples of human ingenuity.  Stay tuned.

Photographer Angela Kelly shows what happens when soap bubbles hit freezing temperatures:  they crystallize into gorgeous, fragile, glass-like sculptures. human ingen bubbs, 7   human ingen, bubbles, 2 human ingen, frozen-bubbles-angela-kelly-1-see wordhuman ingen, bubbs, 8human ingen, bubs, 6human ingen, bubbs, 5human ingen, frozen bubbs, 4human ingen, bubbs, 7human ingen, BUBBLES-900These ads by Bjoern Ewers for the Berlin Philharmonic show the insides of orchestral instruments in such a way as to make it seem like we are standing in spacious halls (or in the case of the flute, a spacious tunnel) Instrumente_A4_HOCH_05.12.08.inddBjoern-Ewers-04-517x282Instrumente_A4_HOCH_05.12.08.inddBjoern-Ewers-05-520x735Instrumente_A4_HOCH_05.12.08.indd Artist Andres Amador  of San Francisco uses a sandy beach at low tide as his palate.  With only a rake and occasionally some rope, he creates intricate designs that can be greater than 100,000 sq. ft. and that wash away when the tide comes in. beach-art2 beach-art15 beach-art5 beach-art9You can commission a sand design for a special occasion.   beach-art3beach art, believebeach-art10beach-art14Ten  years before Swiss army knives went into production around 1890, John S. Holler created this beast of a multi-tool…includes piano tuner, and pistol. human ingen, new, via gary 10 years before Swiss army knives went into production around 1890, John S. Holler created this beast of a multi-tool…human ingen, knife with gunhuman ingen, knife with 100 things via garyDerek Kinzett from the U.K. creates life size wire sculptures he calls “The Inner Spirit Collection.” The poser by Derek Kinzett (5)Derek Kinzett (2)Derek KinzettDerek Kinzetthuman ingen.  Chicken wire sculpture by Derek Kinzett, UKDerek Kinzetthuman ingen.  chicken-wire-sculpture-eagle-groundDerek Kinzett

By Mattia Trotta, Venice

By Mattia Trotta, Venice

This wire koala bear is by Ivan Lovatt.

This wire koala bear is by Ivan Lovatt.

Chicken wire lion by Kendra Haste.

Chicken wire lion by Kendra Haste.

I wish I knew who photoshopped these.  They gave me a chuckle. human ingen, animals 3human ingen, animals, 4human ingen, animals 2human ingen, animalsThanks to: Viralnova, 22words, 9wows, Gary, Kathleen and Louise.

17 thoughts on “Human Ingenuity Medley, 3

  1. For the guy with the rake: Ive got a few thousand leaves if he want to practice, I bet he would be good at crop circles… really beautiful stuff and it always amazes me the geometry that these people that do crop circles and sand art in such a large scale can pull off in perfect symetry.

  2. Amazing! LOVE the sand art! Just incredible. And of course the soap bubbles, musical instruments, and everything is so amazing, too.

    I have been thinking about getting some kind of multi-tool.. I think I need one of those!! It has everything you might possibly need!! Hahaha.

  3. Another set of gorgeous images. I’m always glad to share these E/mails with my friends. I’m here waiting with ‘a worm on my tongue’
    (baited breath) fr the next installment of ‘Wonders’
    Thanks for all your good work

  4. I look at all of these pic’s often and are amazed at what beautiful artistry and talent that goes into these pic’s…
    this always makes my day .

  5. All of the photos are way cool, from frozen bubbles to multi-tasking knives and sculptures and wire figures!

  6. Absolutely exquisite…….sooooo enjoyable to look at. A great way to start the day.

  7. Thanks for this email. It is truly one of the most interesting emails I have ever received. Such beauty!!!

  8. So beautiful and touching to see–I loved seeing the mother dog who had rescued her pups.

  9. I always love these kind of E/mails,
    There are so many things to find,also
    sending them off to my friends.
    Regards from Marg Clancy.

  10. Hello this is Margaret Clancy of Warragul Victoria,just a short note to thank you,for me being able to view the Photos of the beautiful koala in the tree,also the beautiful angel,thanks to all your companions in your Art Land. Yours Respectfully. Margaret ❤️

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