34 thoughts on “JOY

  1. Thanks so much Dusky. I’m these trying times you came through for us with your wonderful photos and moments captured. Bless you!

  2. It’s been so long !! I thought you retired ! As always, Excellent, Thank You

  3. What a wonderful world! Let’s keep it that way for as long as we are able.

  4. Marjorie May 12 2020 at 9 00 am
    Always pleased to hear from you Excellent Thanks

  5. Amazingly beautiful, enjoyed them all thank you photographers for your wonderful insights.

  6. I have had a great and wonderful day today…I finally got my cataracts removed from my left eye..my corona test came back negative..and the icing on the cake..I got your email…great to see you back

  7. Thankyou once again for the usual excellent standard and uniqueness that is your work. Makes the day for your viewers. Just love your gifting.

  8. I love the little girl standing on her brother’s back in order to reach the telephone.My little short grandmother used to stand on her toes so she could reach the high up receiver on the wall telephone .

  9. Wonderful..! These captures, simply feeds the viewer with positive energy, with lust..! Congratulations..!

  10. Thank you again and again. I loved this journey through our species and our capacity for joy.

  11. Ah, the simple joys of laughter and smiles. Yes, we often take for granted such moments of pleasure in our search for grander situations that don’t happen.

  12. OHH Lynn!! How wonder FULL to have this new post from you! I can see you are indeed seeking and finding JOY in your own heart and life as you’ve offered this generous reminder for all with eyes to see and hearts to sense.

    Thank you deeply

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