When advertising manages to give visibility to talented people and entertain us, I say great.  Plus these are all too long to fit into the 15 second slots that overwhelm, so you won’t see these on tv, only when passed around the internet on sites like this.

Piano Stairs

Volkswagon sponsored a contest on a website called “The Fun Theory” “dedicated to the thought that something as simple as fun is the easiest way to change people’s behavior for the better.”  Here’s my favorite entry.

For more winners of the fun theory click here.

American Apparel highlights one talented kid, “Lil Demon” and Jalent Testerman in this breakdancing video set to the perfect music.

Next up, Samsun in France got this cool dude to do something I’ve never heard of, finger tutting, to sell their Galaxy 2S cell phone.  Don’t give up until you see the light marvels.

4 thoughts on “Meet talent in ads

  1. Dusky,

    Loved these creative and entertaining ads! Your website is so much fun to view! Thanks!

  2. Always great in so many ways to see your wonders! I loved these—maybe too few women, but that’s the only complaint! Loved the piano-stairs the best! Lorie

    You’re right about women. I hope someone sends me some cool ads done by talented women to post.

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