Somehow I found my way to Russian photographer Vadim Trunov, based in the city of Voronezh.  I found his work with light captivating, whether it’s remarkable macros of snails and other tiny things or wide-angled panoramas of nature.  My policy for this site is that I don’t include anything that has a creep-factor–which of course is subjective.  I’m curious if other viewers can get past the presumed creepiness of snails to appreciate the delicacy and  grace Trunov captures in his images.  I found it remarkable.  Same with the two images of ships in stormy water with rocks.  Amazing light.  Enjoy.

Unfortunately, though I clicked on a “translate” button on his site, I wasn’t able to use his titles in Russian that presumably offer descriptions and locations.

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by vadimtrunov

Doesn’t this guy look like he’s totally enjoying a shower?


vadimtrunov, 3best

squirrels-5 by Vadim Trunov, Russian photog via Jen H

animals, squirrels-1 vai Jen Hanimals, squirrels-play via Jen,  webpage of Russian photog

human ingen and nature, vadimtrunovhuman ingen, vadimtrunov, 5human ingen, vadimtrunov bighuman ingen, vadimtrunov, 8best, 10best, 11human ingen, vadimtrunov 6best 3best, 4best, 7best, 6nature, by vadim trunov, Russian via Jen, 8nature by vadimtrunov human ingen, vadimtrunov

Forbs Caucasus Mountains

Forbs Caucasus Mountains



best 2best 12best, 5nature, vadimtrunovvadimtrunovhuman ingen, vadimtrunov, 6human ingen, vadimtrunov, 9human ingen, vadimtrunov, 7human ingen, vadimtrunov, 3Thanks to Jen H. for forwarding something that helped me find Vadim Trunov.  There are hundreds more wonderful images on his site.  These are just my favorites.

23 thoughts on “Snail ballet and other marvels

  1. Vadim’s technical stop-action photos make us stop and admire the awesome planet we live on. Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. Loved the snails, who would have thought that they would have been so photogenic,,,,, But I really fell in love with the squirrels, would love a few of them in my back yard.. Beautiful pictures, one and all!!

  3. The beauty of nature in the hands of an accomplished photographer puts art at a whole new level. It’s “eye candy” for the soul and the creativity of Mr. Trunov is to be both admired and highly appreciated. Thank you for sharing it with us as you do with the photographic art of so many others.

  4. one word: fabulous. who can fathom God’s reason fro creating such small creatures like snails!

  5. Dear folks,
    the time and dedication put into making each of these marvellous visual-treats is simply un-imaginable…..Kudos!

  6. Dusky—these are absolutely marvelous examples of the power of light! I found I wanted to view them many times—it seemed that each time there were different aspects of the amazing photos! The ones with snails, and other living beings, were esp. wonderful—it seemed as tho they were being lit by some professional theatre lighting person, and different beauty or awe was evident each time I looked! Thanks, L.

  7. At 80 I thought my world was getting smaller and smaller, but you have increased it to infinity. Thank you.

  8. Love all of the pictures including the one were the “Critter” is peeking down through the leaf as if surprised he is peering down into a home of someone and he is saying; “Oops, just dropping by, mind if I come in”?

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