Thanks to where most of these photos were found.  I’ve picked my favorites out of many hundreds more.  Don’t miss the bowler at the end.  I’ve saved the best for last.

Check out where this boom box came from.

Note the passenger.

Helpful mule.

Oops, lighten that load.

Lighten this load too.

Note they each have a load.

Yikes, be careful.

4 thoughts on “Surprising and zany logistics

  1. I was looking for a bowler HAT at the end! But I love the bowler—thanks for these! Happy Holidays, Lorie

  2. Hi – I’m lovin’ the chickens on a string!!! My son and daughter in law have 3 lovely little girls (egg laying girls) and they could use this technique to go for walks on the beach!!!!! too funny

  3. I hope they help them exercise by walking them. Did you catch the woman carrying another one piggy back so they could roll their bag of whatever. It must be heavier than a person.

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