I wish I knew the names of any of the photographers–or of the person who put these together–so I could thank them. Alas, I don’t.  So thanks to Ginny for sending them my way.

10 thoughts on “Trippy roads, tracks and paths

  1. Just beautiful D, thank you. I recognized some, and wished I could try some others, not all, too scary, but beautiful.


  2. These are incredible and thrilling! I wish they were identified, though—I knew a couple, but would love to know where each of them is. I loved the road of flowers! Lots of favorites—beautiful photography, too!

  3. Whoever collected these ,hats off to him/her. Shows humans at their best in creating such paths/roads and tarils. I would not want to walk on the path with the flowers and trample them ever. Thanks Dusky for sharing

  4. would love to take that tree-top-walk (pic#6) Can you tell where it is taken? would love to take all the others as well, but….
    Love your site – thanks 🙂

  5. Absolutely spectacular!
    I might have some idea on a couple of these?
    The first photo looks a lot like the album cover for On My Way by Danny Carvalho, who lives in Hawaii.
    The suspension bridges are similar to those in the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park in Vancouver, British Columbia.

  6. It is really fabulous. thanks to the nice hands that collected it. awesome experience. traversed into an unknown world.

  7. I’m a retired grandfather from Port Huron, Michigan. An economics grad from the University of Michigan. I was a marching member of the University band while there. Informally and for many years I’ve painted landscapes ..both water colors and oil on canvas and I’m constantly looking for new exciting subject material. I admire your ‘eye’ greatly no matter which subject you photograph. I found today that I had already ‘saved’ some of her photos. Your God given talent is very very different and inspiring to my eye..may you continue forever!

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