These crystals are chambers in the Naica Mine in Chihuahua, Mexico, discovered in 2000 in a lead mine.

Interesting facts:

  • They are made of a kind of gypsum, the same material as in dry wall.
  • The chambers are along a fault line with magma heating them up to 150 F.
  • The largest crystal is 36 ft long, (11 m), 13 ft wide (4m) and weighs 55 tons.
  • The gypsum is so soft it can easily be scratched and damaged by tool, boots, even a fingernail.
  • The chambers are 1200 feet below the surface.

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2 thoughts on “Giant Crystals

  1. Hello – thank you again. I saw this documentary on NatGeo about these caves. It was wonderous! they are huge. Very difficult to be in there because of the high heat. Awsome though. I imagined a place like this once, but much smaller!! I will imagine LARGER next time!!
    Thanks again, Terri

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