4 thoughts on “Wonderful World, Indeed

  1. absolutely breathtaking! thanks so much for passing this on. it’s a real keeper, something i’ll keep on hand in case i ever need reminding of what a “wonderful world”
    this is!

  2. I wish it was a longer vacation! Great video.

    names of location, birds,fishes.animals and credits would have helped.

    Thanks to BBC and you and your friends for sharing.

  3. I can’t possibly convey the enjoyment and knowledge I’ve received from ALL the observations I’ve made through the observations of your web sites. Thanks to you and all your friends who’ve submitted their awesome pics and info to your site. ! Incidentally a picture of small bird labeled near the beginning ( maybe10-15 birds above)preceedes a Formosan Magpie (UNLABELED ) which I downloaded from Nat Geo a few years back. I thought it was an unusual bird, but a beautiful shot of it with wings wide open. I’ve found it’s going to take quite some time for me to see EVERYTHING !!

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