I am NOT into bugs or generally creepy crawlies of any kind.  But these remarkable macro photos by  Igor Siwanowicz have changed me.  And that is his intention–to help us see and hopefully come to appreciate these creatures in a new way.  Join me in a new attitude.  Cute bugs?  Funny bugs?  See for yourself….If you can resist regular bugs, try the caterpillars below.  If that doesn’t do it for you, at the end I’ve added a couple non-bug cuties by the same photographer/artist.

This next one almost creeped me out because its fuzzy nature reminded me of a spider.  Hopefully it’s not. His antennae finally won me over.   If I ever do a post on cool spiders, you can be sure these wonders have transformed me into a new person.

I know they are bugs, but maybe because they are associated with butterflies, caterpillars seem less buggy.

The photographer, Igor Siwanowicz, calls this one “bad hair day.”

The following are chameleons and geckos.

Rosette-Nosed Chameleon

For hundreds more amazing small creatures captured up close compliments of Igor Siwanowicz , go to:


12 thoughts on “Bugs–like you’ve never seen

  1. These are absolutely amazing—I love them. I do have arachnophobia, so it was hard to look at the furry-legged creatures (some of them). But in general they must be the most beautiful group of living things—a winner!
    Thank you, Lorie

  2. To me, that first praying mantis looks like he’s about to leap across a stage in a ballet performance. The photographer raises these bugs because he’s “always loved bugs” as well as finding them in nature. Still, getting macro photos of this level of clarity with a moving target is amazing. And who knew there were so many varieties of weird creatures.

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  4. hermosas orugas….cómo serán las mariposas cuando se transformen??????? Gracias.

  5. I am disappointed that you included chameleons in your collection, as a chameleon is not a bug, but rather a reptile. Despite this, I thoroughly enjoyed this collection, as both the bugs and the chameleons were amazing. 8/10 for misinformation.

  6. I would like to formally apologize for the harsh comment I left on my previous visit to this website. In the last seven months I have done a lot of reflecting. I have gotten older and wiser and upon revisiting this website I have seen the error in my ways. I retract my previous statements. These critters deserve nothing less than 10/10. Thank you, and I’m sorry.

  7. Disappointed Again (Formerly Apologetic and Repentant (Formerly Disappointed and Awe-Struck Viewer)) on said:

    Salutations. Sorry, me again. I know I just redeemed myself for my first posting on this website, but circumstances have changed. The last review I left was naïve; I didn’t have all of the facts. Upon re-revisiting this webpage I noticed that the compiler of these photos said “The following are chameleons and geckos” once the bug segment of this series had been completed. However, not a single gecko was to be seen. Disappointed. 8/10 for misinformation.

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