If you’re in need of a chuckle, start with these amusing ads.

Entering Deep Waters with National Geographic

Next signs, some funny on purpose, some accidentally funny.

Don’t ride headless horses.

Don’t do what?

Don’t do anything

Cows are o.k.

This is a real place.

It may lick you to death.

Thanks to Sam, Bored Panda, Yes emails,


20 thoughts on “Billboards and Signs: Some Clever and Some Clueless

  1. That just erased all my negative thoughts about the human condition. Heads up!

  2. Thank you very much to all of you for this mail. It is simply wonderful. I enjoyed it very, very much.

  3. Made my day, needed a laugh! Totally enjoyed it as always! You need to do it more often!

  4. Something different. Really enjoyed it. Don’t some people have a wonderful sense of humor?

  5. Clay I comment that this is a perfect antidote for too much Trump? Is that allowed? You email did brighten my outlook on the whole day. Many thanks!

  6. You just made my day !! There are some clever people out there ( with a warped sense of humour) .

  7. Driving in Western Maryland, my friend and I came to a road sign that said “Accident 7 miles”. We turned around.

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