These two videos couldn’t be more different, except each features some outstanding dancing and each is fun, fascinating and unique in its own way.

First, if you like the classic movie musicals of Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, you’ll surely enjoy this updated tribute to Rita Hayworth.  The skill needed by Ellen to edit these clips in time to the music is much appreciated.

This video was edited by Rita Hayworth devotee, Ellen.  You can enjoy more videos of Rita at her youtube Rita Hayworth fan channel.

According to a New York Times article, part of the rehabilitation programs at Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center in the Philippines is dancing.  The organizer of the rehab program put this video on youtube in the hope of inspiring other prisons to follow suit.  Instead it went viral.  Over 17.5 million people have seen it–so in case, like me, you’re one of the last remaining people on the planet who haven’t seen it, enjoy.

In 2004, Byron Garcia, a security consultant for the prison was brought in to address problems at the prison after a series of riots. In addition to many other changes, including the building of a new facility, Garcia started an enforced exercise regime that in the past year evolved into dance classes.

Thanks for Kathleen for forwarding the Rita Hayworth video

and to Merry for the Philippine prisoners video.




2 thoughts on “New Dancing from Dead Stars and Philippine Prisoners

  1. Love them both. Merry had already sent me the prison one, but even re-watching, it’s awesome. Also, the irony of synching dead stars to “Stayin’ Alive” is great.

  2. Hi, Loved Rita Hayworth. I think Fred Astaire said she was the best of his partners. Haven’t had a chance to see the rest yet. I have not been able to forward individual postings from your website by simply forwarding. Am I leaving out a step? Mary

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