I know, I know. This post has lots of videos, they take longer and you don’t have time….but are you sure you want to miss the dog and bird in their struggle over the yogurt?  or the turtle that lovingly follows the cat?  or the cockatoo feeding the dog spaghetti? And more.  You can always click on to the next thing if you get bored.  And here are a few amusing mixed species stills to check out first.


Every day – at the same time – she waits for him…
He comes… and they go for a walk.

Now videos

This dog and parrot might be friends or maybe they are just amusing competitors for the yogurt dregs, keep watching after the first few seconds.

Can a turtle really be that crazy about the cat?



Cockatoo feeds a dog spaghetti


This pig and dog sure are acting like fast friends.


Cat and dolphins play

Thanks to Slothster for the turtle following the cat,

to Buzzfeed for the puppy and parrot fighting over the yogurt,

And to Terri, Kathleen, Gary and Louise for forwarding mixed species pics.

If you want to see more mixed species wonders go here:

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4 thoughts on “Mixed Species, 4

  1. These didn’t take much time at all – and were wonderful – Thanks again, Dusky.

  2. Videos are amazing. It is really surprising to see monkey and a big cat also with a pig snuggling. it is great to see a cat and dog going for a walk! What makes them forget their natural instincts?
    Thanks ,Dusky and all the contributors

  3. You never fail to amaze me and enlighten me as well as entertainment me. Please never stop. You bring me such joy. God bless you.

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