What’s your favorite?


This seal was rejected by it’s Mom because it was red-headed and had purple feet and nose. Can’t that Mom see how cute she is?

Check out the mixed species in this image!

Who knew a bug could be cute?

Swimming with manatees

Their colors clash.

Flapjack Octopus

Kahansi Spray Toad and friend? By 1999 MBARI


How do these fish make such a perfect ball?

Mandarin Fish

Couldn’t edit out the words, but the pic speaks for itself.

Lady bug in dew.

Golden lion tamarins


Sea Slug

Sea otters hold hands while sleeping.

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Special thanks to Tim for forwarding many of these, and to Jen H, Louise, and Merry

5 thoughts on “Animal Images: Amazing, Exquisite and Aww, 2

  1. Almost every one of these begs for comment. As for the bug, haven’t you ever heard “cute as a bug?”

  2. Even the fiercest animals have love for their offspring. Amazing colors in sea slug,lady bug and mandarin fish. Each picture has something to offer. great.

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  4. whata wonderful world of nature … absolutely precious pix … will Fw to all my friends …thanx + god bless !!

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