As you scroll past some of these images, you will wish you could stop your life and get onto that road.  Others you will be grateful if you never have to get any closer than your computer.  Some you will simply marvel at human engineers.  And as always, for some we must thank the artistry of the photographer.

When I know where the image is located, I label it.  If you recognize anything unlabeled, please share the location in the comments.

BP Koirala Highway, also known as Banepa Bardibas Highway, Nepal

Newlands valley, Lake District, England by John Finney

Dallas/Fortworth, aka John Wayne airport.

Highway of Death, Bolivia

Hitachi Seaside Park, Japan

Nfinity Bridge, Stockton-on-Tees, England

Chaloos, Iran

Monument Valley, Utah By Ian Soboley


Monitor Marrimac Memorial Bridge and tunnel, S.E. Virginia, USA

A California highway, probably in Los Angeles

North Atlantic Road,  Norway

Iranian Province of East Road

Tuscany, Italy

Gate Tower Highway through a building, Osaka, Japan

Cliffside steps, Hunan, China

Rwanduz city in Kurdistan

The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland

The Atlantic Road, Norway

Perfect car for some of these rugged roadways.

An overpass for animals to cross highway safely, Trans-Canada Highway

Oresund, Denmark and Sweden. Who knew there were two bridges that turn into tunnels?

Staircase at Pailon Del Diablo waterfall, Ecuador

Train at Dudhsagar Waterfalls, India

The Bridge of Immortals, HuangShan, China

Atlantic Road, Norway

Note deer crossing

Rope Bridge over Tsingy de Bemaraha (Stone Forest), Madagascar

Moki Dugway in Utah, maybe

Sakuragawa River, Japan

Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina

Victoria Falls, Zambia

Northern Lights, Norway

Stair above the sea, Aketx, Basque County, Spain


South Carolina, By Johnn Cox on flickr

Transfagarasean, Romania

Nisqually Vista, Washington

For more weird roads to here.

Thanks to Erica Moore at Pinterest  and DamnCoolPictures

and to Tim, Kathleen, Jen and Neil


27 thoughts on “Roads and Paths, Dreams and Nightmares

  1. “There’s roads and there’s roads and they call can’t you hear it
    Roads of the earth, and roads of the spirit,
    and the best roads of all are the ones that aren’t certain,
    On one of those is where you’ll find me when they drop the big curtain…”

    -Bruce Cockburn lyrics

    Thanks for sharing the beauty, Dusky.

  2. I have always been a daily appreciater of Nature’s wonders — thank you so much for showing me some that I never knew existed. I am truly in awe!

  3. The runway as a bridge looks like Dallas-Ft.Worth airport (John Wayne?) to me. I remember flying in there. Very bad cross winds make it difficult to land there. But you taxi over the highway on the way to the terminal.

    Beautiful pictures…

  4. Thanks CK. I tried googling Moki Dugway images and looking for that photo. The terrain looks the same, but no one managed to get that perspective of twists and turns. Everyone seemed to be taking their pics from a different place. So I’m not sure what to think. Thanks for sharing on being a detective to figure out locations.

  5. God! Some places are right out of dreams. And then there are places that even dreams cant imagine!! thanks for showing me how less i have seen, and how much is left!!

    thankyou so much for showing.. enlightening us with this!

  6. Some of the roads gave me crepes…!!!!…some others made me salute man’s enterprise, engineering skill & bold imagination…!!! I wd like to be on some…but….never on others..!!!! they give me vertigo even while seeing their pics….!!!!!…..God….!!!!

    Equally enterprising are the guys who skillfully photographed these roads…..!!!!! quite hair-raising…!!!

  7. The 23rd image (boardwalk) is a section of the Overland Trail at Cradle Mountain National Park in Tasmania.

    And that is definitely the Moki Dugway. You have to actually get out the car and walk a little way to get this view.

    Fun page! Thanks!

  8. I so enjoying looking at these wonderful pictures, thank you, Dusky. Just wanted to mention that the actual John Wayne Airport is Orange County, CA, not Dallas/Ft.Worth.

  9. The curved concrete highway hanging off the side of the mountain and resting on huge concrete pillars appears to be the Linn Cove Viaduct between mile posts 299 and 317 on the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina. It is regarded as a marvel of engineering and allowed construction without damaging the side of the mountains.

    It is the photo just before Victoria Falls, Zambia.

  10. The Moki Dugway is definitely in Utah, about 30 miles north of Monument Valley. And yes, it’s scary as hell but amazing views.

  11. The photo of the Airbus 380 going over the road is not DFW (and certainly not John Wayne airport!…..that is, as another said, in Orange County, CA) . Look at the traffic………………………..the cars are heading in a most decidedly British direction!…………AND they look British!………………….The sky even looks British!……………..

  12. Thank you add Rwanduz city in Kurdistan the road iam from rwanduz city
    Now called the Hamilton Road

  13. Gehan,
    Thank you so much for telling me about these images. What a beautiful place you live–and that road looks unbelievable. I will definitely include it in my next post about vacation places.

  14. The Mogi Dugway does not have lane paint, it is a gravel road with no lanes but its two way traffic. I drove it last summer and was beautiful drive but dangerous.

    Photos are beautiful!

  15. The photo labeled “Iranian Province of East” is actually of “Highway of Death” in Bolivia.

    I agree, the photos are beautiful.

  16. Regarding the road in Iran ,which is in Japan, I wrote you a comment in Pinterest where you posted it

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