I have to admit, this batch of photos is a little heavier on the aww category.

Don’t miss the stories at the end.


Albino python

check out the difference between this one and the next.

Baby polar bear

Not real.

Peacock spider. It’s real.

Another peacock spider, for perspective

Spiny seahorse

Pygmy Marmoset

It is not common for a Koala to bear twins, and regrettably in this instance the Mum was struck and killed by a passing car.
Fortunately, the driver stopped, and took the mother to the local vet, not knowing she was dead, where it was discovered she had these twins in her pouch.

A recent earthquake in Japan was right in the area where giant pandas live.  They were rescued and returned to the wild.

People rescuing pandas

Every body gets milk.

Imagine having this be your job.

This post is truly a group affair.  Thanks to Kathleen, Tim, Louise, Claire Elizabeth.

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4 thoughts on “Animal Images: Amazing, Exquisite and Aww, 3

  1. How could I pick a favorite?? These are all amazing!

    (Note- the “baby polar bear” is fake; I’ve seen pictures of it before)

  2. Love, caring for the young ones, is not the domain of the human beings alone as can be seen from the photographs. We may not understand the animal language but one can see the expressions from the body language and from the eyes.
    It is amazing to see colorful peacock spider . i like the photographs of horses the most.
    Excellent photographs. Thanks dusky for sharing.

  3. That little dumbo rat playing with the toy rat could *not* be cuter! 🙂 Love the dog curled up with the kitty as well. They’re so accepting of other species as companions. Great assortment of pics. Thanks!

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