There seems to be no end to appealing, and quirky images of animal friendships across species.  Also, don’t miss reading the story of the elk and the marmot at the end of this page.










Here’s a stirring example of cross-species connection from The Daily Mail via Good News Network.

Keepers at Pocatello Zoo, Idaho, were worried when they noticed Shooter, a four-year-old elk, acting strangely at his water trough.  At six feet tall with another four feet of giant antlers, he can be scarey.  He’s punctured tires with his antlers and some zoo staff are afraid of him. 

Staff noticed him trying to dunk his head in the trough but his antlers kept getting in the way.  He was trying to dunk his head in the water, but his antlers kept getting in the way.

“Nobody could figure out why he was trying to get his head in, and then he started dipping his feet in.  We were all completely confused, until we saw the marmot in his mouth.  I think he had nudged the animal away from the edge of the trough with his antlers and hooves so he could reach it with his mouth without his antlers getting in the way.”

Scooter placed the hapless rodent down and nudged it with his hoof, as if checking it for signs of life, before calmly watching it scamper off into the bushes.

Staff managed to catch the drama on camera.

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Thanks to Terri, Gary, and Good News Network.


2 thoughts on “Mixed Species, 3

  1. who says animals donot have language? These photographs prove that they have no teritory to protect. Seems they were soulmates in their previous life and they found them again this time around!
    Execelant work. And thanks for sharing.

  2. Given animals can coexist harmoniously across species, wouldn’t you think humans–who are but a single species–could figure it out? Thanks for posting and sharing these delightful pix!

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